Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On The Road

I took off this week for a much-overdue visit to the MidWest to see my Family. As I planned my escape from the DC weather (Hazy, Hot & Humid), I pondered living through a whole week without stamping...Aaaaaaaugh!!! Especially after such a recent influx of new SU stuff to my tiny condo. I was in pain.

Then I had a brilliant idea! In a Good Demo moment, with my last order of must-haves from the Stampin' Up! catalog I had broken down and ordered a Kit. You know, those self-contained, everything-you-need-in-a-box kits for card-making. I thought - YAY! Just pack that puppy and you're all set! I threw in a pair of snips, and off I went!

I chose the Three Thoughts set because I loved the sentiments (yes, I am still mourning the loss of AYC 1 & 2...). Now that I have it in my hot little hands, I really love the sentiments! Actually I love the whole kit! Die-cut stamps, pre-cut and pre-scored cards, cool stickers and chip-board for embellishing... man, do I sound like a commercial for SU or what?!?!?

Up until today, I have been busy visiting and driving, which is a good thing; after all, Family is the most important thing ... just above stamping. ;-) But I had planned a down day, so this is it! I plan to break out the Kit and play this afternoon. If I get time, I'll rig up the camera and post my creations. If not, I'll tackle that when I return this weekend.

By the way, the weather in Michigan right now is a blessing compared to DC. It is very breezy and in the 70's, I think. Sweet! Also, I did give a short bow of reverence as I passed what I believe is Jan TInk's side of town...I-75 Northbound from Ohio into Michigan. I kept driving, though, past scenic Downtown Detroit (pronounced Day-Twa) to the Northern burbs where I am staying. It was a very solemn moment to think I was almost in her presence. I think I felt some vibes just being in the same STATE!!!!! I am humbled.

Off to play!

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