Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SOS #166: ABCs

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is ABCs, and we'd like you to use something on your project that begins with each of those letters. For example, I used A=Arrow, B=Brads or Banner, and C=Chevrons. See? Easy! Make sure to stop by the SOS blog to see some other suggestions, and also some fabby examples from the gals.

Here's my card:

I got the main ideas for this card from this one I saw over at the A Blog Named Hero Ombre challenge. I totally stole her idea of using one color for the ombre, just making it lighter as I moved from bottom to top. I also stole her idea of a tiny banner at the top, but I used an arrow instead.

Again, you neat people are missing out on sooooo much inspiration. I had a piece of kraft card stock already cut and sitting on top of my Hero Arts Zig Zag background stamp, so I decided it was time to see how that stamp looked clear-embossed on kraft. I liked it! I liked it even more when I started applying the Peacock Feathers ink. Oooh la la!

I got all crazy and picked up a remnant of Bazzill textured card stock, then stamped the Winnie & Walter sentiment with ... wait for it ... Peacock Feathers (I KNOW!) onto the textured side of the white card stock. I don't usually stamp with Distress inks, and I don't like to stamp on the textured side of card stock. I was throwing caution to the wind!!! In the end, I really liked the result.

I used some Tombow to hold the banner in place until I put the brads in, but in my world no normal adhesive sticks to embossing, so I pulled out the big guns and stuck a piece of Sookwang/Be Creative tape under the banner, then attached it to the kraft piece with three brads from my stash. It's amazing how I can have a squillion brads and not one was "kraft". These were Caramel from Pink Hedgehog Paper Crafts, purchased in a "I must have ALL THE COLORS" moment about 8 years ago.

It was at this point that arrow came into play. It needed to be in the upper left, and it needed to be a color. Well, guess what's still in the heap of UFOs on my desk? Yep, some MAMBI card stock remnants. I used a whole 1/2" of a piece for the arrow. I stuck it down with Multi Medium, then used a craft knife to cut it out. Thank goodness for straight sides.

For my last act I dug out a matching piece of Bazzill card stock for the base, and put the kraft panel up against the edge, leaving a white strip showing on the left.  I likey! :)

So, I think you should take up this challenge of using something A, B and C on your project, then link up over to SOS so we can see what you've made!

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ETA: I'm also linking to the current challenge at Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers:

(I love Edna!)

Stuff I used: vat of clear embossing powder I got many years ago at Viva Las Vegas Stamps (where "vat" = a full pint = 16 oz), Bazzill textured card stock, Pink Hedgehog Paper Crafts brads, MAMBI card stock remnant, and the following:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Freaking Amazing

Every once in a while I clean straighten things up on my crafting desk, and in the process I have some "oh, yeah" moments. Today I re-discovered a die I got from Neat & Tangled and decided to use it. A novel concept, I know!

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

Let me just say that stamping the words into those street signs takes practice. My one tip to you would be it needs to be stamped lower than you think. I know this because I ended up stamping 4 or 5 street signs and practicing. This was the best one, so it got die-cut.

I wanted the street sign's words to be the focal point, so I chose pretty-yet-muted papers for the background. See that strip of clouds? I so rarely use the piece of paper I call the index page ... the one with a bit of each of the paper patterns on it. This time I sliced out the clouds instead of cutting into the actual cloud sheet. Must be the hoarder in me. :)  Actually, it let me leave a thin strip of color under the clouds, which I wouldn't have gotten from the full sheet.

I stamped the YOU and ARE separately. I practiced with those, too. You can stamp them together, but I liked them better with less space between the words.

Both the sign post and the panel are mounted on foam tape, just because. I opened and used my new-to-me pack of Hero Arts smooth gemstones, and called it finished.

This was fun! Now that I've used it, I can put it away and move on to something else in the new-to-me box of goodies. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Did It Myyyyyy Waaaaaaaay

Do you have that song stuck in your head now like I do? No? Well try this:

You're welcome.

Today's saga (and it's a real saga) began when I spied a sneak peek of the card that Jennifer McGuire showed us in her post entitled No-Mess Glitter Die Cuts. After I ran out and purchased half of the latest MFT release, I was grateful I had the supplies to try the cards myself. Let me just say I did break up with glitter the other night, as it wasn't a no-mess experience in my world.

But I tried. I really did. Let us begin by looking at one of my cards:

You may notice mine are sunglasses. We'll get to that in a minute.  I die-cut the glasses from double-sided sticky paper as directed and applied the glitter. I think if I'd only been making one of these, I might not have been so flustered, but I made several because I know me pretty well, and I mess up a lot, so I always cut more than I need so I can recover quickly when (not if, when) I mess up. So all along I was doing 4+ of these, just waiting for the screw-up.

So, glitter applied, I went to punch out the centers and found they were stuck in pretty well. Instead of putting them back into the dies to cut them again as Jennifer did, I took some centers I'd cut out previously from black card stock and stuck them to the adhesive. Then, when I got to the Glossy Accent step, I covered the whole thing, not just the rims.

Here's another one:

Same colors of glitter, same sob story.

I also made a few with different glitter colors, just to further complicate my life:

This started with pink in the center, followed by an orange-red, and finally a brown at the edges. And yes, it's (gah) pink, but that's one less pink card in my craft room.

One more:

Also, instead of embossing the background, I opted to dry emboss the white panel, which totally justified the purchase of that embossing folder I was enabled to need when I was blurfing.

Oh, here's a close-up of the sunglasses:

(sorry about the glare)

Then, because I'm such a glutton for punishment, I went back in for more.  I decided glitter wasn't for me, and I came up with another way to achieve the same look with less mess.  I colored a piece of card stock with three colors of Distress inks:

(see, it doesn't even need to be neat and all blendy!)

then die-cut the glasses from that. I got color with no mess, and all I had to do was go over the die-cuts with my Wink of Stella clear pen to get the shimmer. So smart. *pats self on back*

Then my world fell apart. After I cut eleventy bazillion of the glasses and fussy-cut out the acetate layers as instructed, and layered on the pretty top layer, and assembled my cards, I started to apply Glossy Accents to the glasses. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. It went all over the acetate and I could not control it. What a mess. I even tried to apply it with a tooth pick, but it was only marginally better.

I pulled off the glasses from the card fronts and went to re-watch the video. Then I got a clue and, starting over, I again cut the glasses from a piece of distress-colored card stock, but this time I got smart(er). I opted to do the clear embossing instead of the Glossy Accents. Here's one:

Maybe it's not as dramatic as the Glossy Accents, but it was waaaay less messy.

Here's another one with a different sentiment from the MFT stamp set:

The issue I had with this set of three pairs of glasses was the tiny pieces on the tops that I wanted to make silver. Let me warn you those babies are very very teeny tiny and tough to keep track of. With all the stacking I finally gave up even trying, and I embossed these guys with holes where the silver pieces should have been. I later went back and filled them in with some Pearl Pen in Silver Chrome, using a tooth pick to fill the holes. And yes, I do have a jar of tooth picks on my craft desk. Doesn't everyone?

One more:

Now that I look at these, that center panel would look better off-center. Sigh. Next time.

In other news, I fell in love with this stamp set because it's encouraging to see that geekdom is being embraced. Back when I was a pup, it wasn't unusual for kids -- even girls, heck ESPECIALLY for girls -- to be smart and geeky. Or maybe there were just so many of us it was cool. I remember at my 10-year High School reunion when one of the guys at my table said to me, "You were one of the smart girls. You don't know me because I was one of the guys out back in the parking lot." Uh-huh.

So, final ruling: You need these dies and accompanying stamps. And if you can master glitter, more power to you. Though I've been told there will be a Glitter Intervention in my world, I am quite happy to live without it. After all, I have my washi tape collection to keep me occupied instead, right?

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Things I used: black card stock, Amy's Magic Gunmetal glitter (at least 5-7 years old), vat of clear embossing powder I got from Viva Las Vegas Stamps, and the following: