Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Over The Edge

I have been playing with my Spiral Punch from Stampin' Up! for the past few days, and instead of focussing on new ways to use the punch itself, I have been distracted by the little punch-OUTS resulting from the use of the punch. I have a neat little pile of the thingies on my work spot, and, well, I lost focus for a moment, or two, or four.

Let me add that there USED to be a pile of them on my work spot. As I said, I got distracted and actually used them.

It all started while I was busy CASEing a card I saw. As I neatened up my tiny area, I noticed these punch-outs and thought they were WAY too cute to toss, so there they sat for a while. After my CASE, which used the frog from the SU Unfrogettable set (LOVE him!), I glanced over at the neat little pile of punch-outs and thought, "Hmmm, what could I use these for..." and started playing with them. All of a sudden it hit me - dumbbells! Use the frog and have him holding dumbbells! So 5 minutes later, this is what I had:

Isn't he just too cute?

Anyway, after work tonight I felt a burning need to continue with the creative process. I was sitting at my table staring at the punch-out pile, pondering my next move, when my pal Marianne called. I mentioned that I thought these things could be used like tinker-toys, or maybe like those chemical molecular structure things from back in Chemistry class. Marianne wondered aloud if there was a molecular diagram for the rubbah molecule. I thought she was joking, but I looked it up real-time (don't you love being able to multi-task?) and THERE IT WAS! OMG, I could not believe it. The Plan was coming together.

Marianne muttered something about her concern for my mental stability and left me to myself, but not before I promised to create a rubbah molecule card before night's end! As promised, here is what came out of that effort:

If there are any Chemistry Majors out there, please, no flaming. I see this as an "artistic interpretation" of a rubbah molecule.

So what, you may be asking yourself by now, does this have to do with crooked stamping? In fact, there IS no stamping on this card! However, after I completed sticking all those #$(^%#$ punch-outs on the paper, I noticed they run uphill. And the really sad part is the background printed on the paper is text from the Web site from which I "borrowed" the definition of vulcanized rubbah. What this means is, I had straight lines to use as a guide, and I STILL stuck those babies on crooked.

See, nothing has changed.

Anyway, that's my creative effort for this evening. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You did it !!!! I really can't believe you did it. You need therapy my dear.


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