Friday, July 6, 2007

The Man Pack

I have alluded to the Man Pack in my last two for The Reveal. As I continue on my path of creative avoidance (not making the kits for Sunday's workshops), I decided to complete the cards for these packs for Saturday's market in the hopes I might actually sell one.

The Man Pack is not my idea. It was posted on SCS by someone, maybe even associated with Stampin' Up!. The idea was to make a box of cards for the man in your life to remove all excuses about him 'forgetting' to get you a card for those important days like your Birthday, Valentine's Day, your Anniversary, etc. I took it a step further and included a handy calendar.

Now for Show-and-Tell. This first shot is my Man Pack box.

The cover is covered (not punny) with a piece of 'manly' scrapbook paper. I used a thin piece so it was easy to work with. Here it is a subtle brown pattern. I printed the tag on the computer, punched it out with a scallop punch, and made the belly band out of coordinating card stock.

Next I made the calendar. The striped piece on top is the cover that opens up to reveal the calendar, which is the next photo.

[Apologies in advance for my inability to get Blogger to space these things correctly ...]

This is the calendar open. I printed it on my computer; each month is like a small piece of notebook paper, with a place to write in the day and the event. I provided a little help by showing them Valentine's Day is February 14th, and Mother's Day is in May.

Not sure if you noticed, but I punched two 1/2 inch circles out of the same brown cardstock as the belly band, attached them to the top and side of the cover with eyelets, and added a tie to keep the calendar closed. Very manly, I thought.

This last photo is the collection of cards I made. They include I'm Sorry (the most important one!), Happy Birthday, Mother's Day (hiding on the bottom right), and three Love You theme cards that cover Valentine's Day, Anniversary, and any old other time he feels compelled to tell you he loves you.

That's 6 occasions each year he should now not forget.

Who might buy these, you ask? Good question! I would think the guy could buy them if he is in the doghouse, or expects to be if he misses another 'important' day. More likely, though, I can see the woman buying it, filling in all the dates, then presenting it as a gift. Or hiding it in his briefcase as a not-so-subtle hint!

Assuming any sell, I have decided to stick with the same 6 designs for this year, then change them next year. I also plan to sell refill packs, and I have included a re-order form in the lid of the box.

So that's the Man Pack. I'll let you know if I sell any!

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