Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby Steps

I'm still in the throes of settling in and getting unpacked. Slowly. Baby steps. Today's accomplishments include the following:

I bought a wreath hanger for my front door and re-hung this:

And I unpacked my new storage cubbies for my Copics and got this done:

I still have more markers to find for the other slots, and I'm not sure where these cubbies will live permanently, but at least the markers are out and accessible.

These baby steps are helping me make room for the craft table. One box at a time I'm a little closer to that goal. :)

In other news, Bobra is adapting to the wood floors and has found a way to use them to his advantage. He gets a running start and slides into piles of packing paper like a dog will jump into a pile of leaves. It's hysterical, and I only wish I knew when he was going to do it so I could have the camera ready. It's so funny.

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  1. That wreath looks fantastic on your dark green door. Good job getting those markers out and organized, too. Baby steps will get you where you want to go.

  2. The visual of your cat sliding head first into home base is hysterical! I can't help imagining my Jynx trying to do the same thing but it would end very differently for him - he's a sphynx and his hairless, rubbery belly would catch on the smooth floor and he'd end up rolling across the floor, legs flailing in every direction. Hoo hoo haa haa!!!

    Have fun getting settled in your new space!!

  3. The wreath looks lovely and I am envious of those color cubbies. I'm looking forward to photos of your newly organized craft room - and the rest of the house, too :-)

  4. Looks great! Let me know when I can help:)

  5. That wreath is beautiful. I love the colors and baby steps is all you can do when trying to settle in to a new home. I envy you having the nerve to move. I would like to move someday to a one level home, but the thought of moving all this "stuff" frightens me. LOL Enjoy your day.

  6. I can just visualize Bobra. Our King does very similar with shopping bags. He just loves them. Love your wreath. I think everyone should have to move every so often just to get rid of all the stuff they accumulate over the years. I am such a pack rat. But as soon as I throw something out, I need it. geeesh. Have a good day. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  7. well done, you!!! it definitely takes A WHILE and i have to say that whereas the rest of my house now looks pretty good, the art lair remains usable but ugly. can i borrow your cat-consultant in hopes of shaking things up? (i have recently refinished--and thus SUPER SLIDY!!!--wood floors and can unearth enough packing paper for his needs!!! :) :) :)

    ps ♥CONGRATS♥ missus and many years of happiness to you and bobra in your new home!!! ♥


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