Saturday, December 12, 2015

Okay, Okay, One More

I thought I was officially done making my holiday cards. Then I started to clean all the holiday remains off my desk and re-discovered a stamp set I took out two months ago to make a Christmas card. So this had to be done:

This is for a friend in Boston who says "card" like "cod", so it's perfect, at least in my mind.

I did it a bit differently this time. I usually stamp the fish on a remnant, then cut it out, but today I stamped it onto the card base, stamped it again on some masking paper, and masked the stamped image before I colored the background. I'm not sure why, as it wasn't really any easier, just different.

I used three colors of Distress ink for the water, then stamped the top part of the water with Pool ink and a wave stamp. I sponged in a few clouds at the top so it wasn't so white, and after I stuck the panel to a card front, I added a Santa hat.

NOW I'm done. All my holiday stuff has been stowed for another year. Well, no, probably only until January when those Jingle Belles fire up their 2016 challenge series. But for a few weeks, it's all put away.

Tomorrow I shall begin writing on the insides of the cards. My goal is to get to the Post Office by Tuesday. I'm afraid Monday will be a madhouse. It may be the official mailing day for Christmas, so I'm not taking any chances. Normally I'd just stuff the envelopes into the slot and run away, but I have a few with questionable thickness, and a few going to Canada, so ... yeah, I'll stand in line for those.

I hope you're making progress on your card-making. And if you've already mailed your cards, I don't want to hear about it. Darn over-achievers.

Edited to add: I'm linking up with the Snarky Stampers, since their last challenge this year is:

NOW I'm done.

Thanks for stopping by!

Some of the stuff I used: Cod and Cod Sayings from River City Rubber Works, Little B Santa hat stickers, Copics (N1, N2), and the following:


  1. This card is a hoot! You did a bang up job on it! I finished my cards today and plan on lining up with the masses to mail them on Monday.

  2. ExCUSE me, but the Snarky Stampers have just started their Christmas challenge. Get the stuff back out! Or heck, link this one up! Especially if you're sending it to someone from Bah-stahn, since that adds extra snark!

  3. I am just howling with laughter over this card with the New England pronunciation of card! LOL I just love this clever punny card!! I can only imagine the roaring laughter of the recipient of this cahd! Hilarious!!! LOL

  4. Lindsey said it "get that Christmas stuff back out we just started our Christmas challenge. I love this awesome job. I have a Christmas platypus and I haven't used it this year.

  5. This will keep me smiling for days!!! TOOO CUTE! Love your card.

  6. What a hilarious card - and I'm saying that from the UK where we know nothing about the Boston accent. And it's reminded me that my Christmas Manatee image hasn't had an airing yet this year, I may well have to remedy that!

  7. I love your cod. The red hat gives him dignity. I mailed cards to the UK, Austria, and Australia last week, and I'm wondering if they'll get to their destinations on time. I'm always behind. It's a curse.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    The Bostonian (is that a word??) accent is my absoloute favourite!
    This is a wicked good cod card (said in my head with an accent)
    Glad you had one more in ya, this one is awesome. Thanks for joining the sisterhood of snarky stampers for our "X is for Xmas" challenge!

  9. Oh yeah, and thanks for linking up at the Sisterhood!

  10. What a surprise! Thanks for joining the fun at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers! :P

  11. I love punny cards; this one is great!

  12. I think this is brilliant. It may be my card for next year! Thanks for joining the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers for our X is for X-mas challenge!

  13. Totally makes sense to me. Great job. Thanks for joining us at Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.


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