Monday, February 25, 2008

The Chronicles: Day 13

This morning I came up with a new word to describe my crafting area, aka: The Dining Room Table. It is not technically a new word, but it is new to how I choose to describe my space. :-) That word is...entrenched. You see, when I sat down at my "spot" this morning (I have the day off....whoo-hoo!) I felt suddenly comfortable, surrounded by all my things. Kindof cozy, like in a cave. And since only men have "caves", I guess we women have our craft rooms, right? Ha! (Oh, no offense intended towards any male readers.)

So since my Craft Room is under a ton of stash and I am forced to work in my Dining Room, I decided I was entrenched in my scrapbook materials. I have everything I need right at my fingertips! Check it out:

To my immediate left are all the inks I've used so far in this scrapbook. It is very easy to grab one and use it on another page, as we all know a sense of continuity is critical in a scrapbook.

In front of me are my adhesives and not-yet-put-away clear stamps. Also my eyelets stack and some number stamps that I am sure I will need again, so why put them away?

To my right are my very-often-used punches, markers and pens. You can also see my tape dispenser. I really need to move that to the left side once in a while, as I think the repetitive motion thing is throwing my back out of whack.

Front and center are my tools. Surprise! Some organization! This is the container I use for my workshops, so it is always just there, right where I need it. The one thing I am a stickler about at workshops is putting the tools back in the center when you are done with them so (1) other people can find them and (2) no one loses an eye with those very sharp snips. I am not sure my insurance would cover that.

To the far left is the Trip Report. This is my anal-retentive moment on paper. I had to write down all my notes so years later (it turned out to be four years later), when I got around to doing the scrapbook, I'd remember what the pictures were and where I was when I took them. Details!

Under the Trip Report are all the Scrappin' Kit stickers I am using up. Very convenient, and right where I need them! I can just glance over and be inspired to grab one!

To the far right are my paper scraps and some pictures ready for the next page. The paper stack is really not all that bad. Some months it is as high as the Tool holder. I am not even close yet!

Waaaaaay across the table are the scallop tag punches that jumped into my basket during my last LSS run. And, I am proud to say, I have used them several times so far in my scrapbook. Yay, me!

Here are my next two pages-in-progress. See, I really am scrappin'! I start by laying out what I think will fit on the two facing pages, then I select a background paper or card stock and slide it under them. Note: I am finally out of Illinois and into Missouri!

This is the floor area to my left. I have my 12x12 storage box of retired Scrappin' Kits and also some Basic Grey paper packs. In front of that on the floor are my chipboard letters lying in wait for me to use. And the heat gun ... well, you just never know when you might want to melt something.

And lastly: The Chair. When last we saw this chair, it was covered in lotsa stuff. I had to put some of it away to get to the cutter, which I seem to be using every 5 minutes or so.

So that's that. The workmen should be here any second to do some drywall stuff for me, so I'll sign off and go finish a few pages for Missouri today. Ta!

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  1. Wow...Hope the drywall work went a-ok. I'm so glad hubby can do all that so I dont' have to deal with interlopers interrupting my day :)


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