Thursday, February 7, 2008

Organization Central

Before I get to the Ribbon Organization Project Status, this is for MB:

I thought of you when I read that this morning. :-) You might have to click on it to read the teeny tiny words.

Okay, back to the organization effort! As planned, I stopped at The Container Store on the way home last night and bought some shoe-box-sized storage boxes for my soon-to-be organized ribbons. While I was there I actually remembered to look at the shoe organizers...not for my shoes, but for my punches! So last night, on a break from winding ribbons, I hung up the organizers, moved the punches into place, and now I have this:

These are double-doors and they are very narrow, so finding anything narrow enough to hang on them has been a challenge. I'd thought about cafe curtain rods for my punches, but they seemed to be 20" long, and my doors are only 18" wide. AND, so are these shoe bags! YAY!

The good news is I now have an almost-empty formerly-punch-storage drawer that I can fill with other stuff in my ongoing clean-and-organize attempt. The bad news is I can see which punches I am 'missing', ya know?

On to the ribbons. Once I got the plastic boxes all lined up on my coffee table, I first tested the height to see if the clothes pins would stand upright in the boxes...nope:

They are just a teeny bit too tall. Bummer!!! But that is okay, because since they are going to live on a shelf in my closet, it is not critical that I see the ribbons at a glance. I am quite content to know I am taking out my box of "purples", and I'll see them all in neat little rows once I open the box.

I finished up all the ribbons I'd decided to keep, and this is what it looked like just before they went into the closet:

Ah, yes ... all the greens are with other greens, all the blues are with their blue friends, and I even have a box of neutrals - blacks, browns, whites, creams, and I threw in gold & silver for lack of a better place to put them. I have a separate box for 'event' things like Christmas, Fourth of July, and Baby stuff that were not just pink or blue.

More bad news: While I was rearranging my closet to make room for these boxes (I wanted them to stack two high), I found ... more ribbon. Sigh. I can make quick work of those and be done, done, done!

Now I need to find something to store in that big, empty punch drawer. Hmmm ...


  1. More ribbon! Maybe you need a army of gnomes to keep you organized.....

  2. I adore Maxine! My kinda woman! ;)


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