Monday, February 25, 2008

A Little Domesticity

I had the day off of work today because I had some workers over to do some drywall repair and few other odd jobs while they waited for the spackling to dry. The drywall work was largely on the ceilings surrounding both ceiling fans they put in last summer. To facilitate this task, I had to disembowel the bed so they could access the ceiling in the center of the room (right over the bed.) As I re-assembled the bed just now, and began putting the layers of blankets back on (much to the cat's relief! She is so low on her sleep quotient today I do not even want to think about it...) I realized I do not have "blankets ... I have "quilts" - three of them! And they are all so very different from each other, I felt compelled to do a photo journal of them. (Boy, do I need a life!)

First up, the first quilt to hit the bed is the one I made. It should be painfully obvious to even the casual observer that this quilt will never win any awards, but then that is not why I made it. Every piece of fabric in this quilt came from a box of fabric I got from my Mom. The scraps represent dresses she made for herself B.C. (before children), curtains we had in houses growing up, clothing she made for me when I was little, and clothing I made for myself before I got smart and discovered Levi's about the age of 14. So this whole thing is one big sentimental journey, and it is huge. I had it laid out on the floor as I sewed it, and I just kept adding rows until I thought it would cover my bed. So it goes on the bed first because I need to tuck it under a lot on the bottom. :-)

Check out the detail in those squares, man! I broke every quilting rule. I put all different fabrics together, like double-knit, heavy wools, thin cottons, etc. And the actual quilting on this one consists of very thin ribbon sewn through the corners between the squares. Very, very advanced. Yeah, right. But who cares? It means a lot to me.

The next layer to go on the bed is a Waverly quilt I had custom-made many, many years ago when I felt I needed a designer to help me "do" my home. (I am so over that now. ) I keep this one around because it wieghs about 150 pounds, and when it is on the bed, you know you have blankets on. It is perfect for those chilly Winter months, but it is also very expensive to clean, so it is rarely the top layer.

Check out the details of the quilting, albeit by machine. I did not select this pattern to make the quilter's job more difficult, but I do not want that job, if you know what I mean.

This last quilt is the one that is on top of the bed right now, and has a few extra pounds to it that is largely composed of cat hair. Some friends and I went to Berkley Springs, West Virgina, a few years ago and we hit a Quilt Show where I felt the burning need to buy this for my bedroom. It is hand-made, and has the name of the quilter on the inside. I love it!

So there you have it - three quilts that could not be more different, and all on the same bed! So now that the bed has been re-assembled and re-made, and the cat is burrowed and finally catching up on her sleep, I really need to get to work on that scrapbook! I was distracted today by the workers and found it easier to make some cards while they were here, so I have not been lazing or anything, just not scrappin'!

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  1. That is one lovely quilt you made! And I love how you used fabrics that had a meaning to you. This is scrap quilting in its truest sense.


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