Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Elfa Update, and more rambling thoughts

Well, the Elfa is still hanging on the wall of my closet, so I guess it is okay. I have not reloaded all the shelves with the remaining boxes o'stuff still hogging the newly-cleared space on my craft-room table, though, so I guess I should not be too confident, huh?

As I wait for the final judgement on the Elfa, I looked up the other day and saw a water stain on the kitchen ceiling. I just LOVE this downstairs living gig, can you tell?

So then my mind wandered to drywall repair. Not by ME, no WAY, but by a licensed professional. I need to paint the ceilings this year anyway, so the timing is perfect. I could probably pull off the drywall job in the closet myself, but the ceiling? Not gonna happen.

I remembered my Electrician mentioned he has a "drywall guy", so I thought I'd call him to get the drywall guy's contact info. THEN, I pondered getting the Electrician in here to put in some more ceiling fans (I just MUST have moving air over or around me when I sleep, and I swapped bedrooms last year, so the fan is in the craft room.) That way I could get ceiling fans put in, and THEN get the drywall done, followed by the painting part (by me.)

Naturally, this started to sound like work, so I have not taken any steps in that direction yet. I figure I have a few months before the Elfa will start to pull out of the wall. LOTS of time.

So then I got a MAJOR DISTRACTION - my pre-ordered Stampin' Up! stuff arrived. YAY! Okay, the first pre-order arrived. Once I saw some of the very gorgeous samples on Splitcoast, I was enabled to place a second order last weekend along with my workshop order. The very nice workshop commission will pay for that second pre-order. I love it when the math actually works in my favor.

We have a big wind blowing through town right now, so before my laptop fizzles in the inevitable power outage, I will take my leave and go play with my new stuff, even if I have to do so by candle-light!

I'll post some of my creations soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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