Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Toy

When I went to Stampaway a few weeks ago, I was very good at not shopping. However, I did buy one item I'll call "extravagant" because of the price alone, but I loved it, so I got it. Tina was no help, because not only did she convince me it was the best $$ I would ever spend, she talked three other ladies (not all of them with us ... or were they?) into needing it, too. She swore she wasn't on commission, but I'm not so sure ...

Here, you be the judge:

Except for the die-cutting experiments, this was one of the easiest cards I've ever made. The die is from Our Daily Bread, a store I have never shopped at because it's not my style, but this die? Come to Mama! You can take any piece of pretty paper, top it with the die, add a sentiment: done.

I started out trying to cut a piece of Neenah Solar White, but even with the metal shim and two or three passes through the Big Shot, it wouldn't cut through. I switched to SU Whisper White, which is thinner, and it worked when I used the metal shim and three passes. I couldn't add another piece of card stock to the sandwich since it barely passed through with just the metal plate. Sigh.

I thought it would look cool for a wedding card if you have paper with the wedding colors. My only concern is it won't cut through glitter paper or some of the SU Brushed Silver or Gold papers. It might work with the Shimmer White, though. THAT would be cool! I'll need to play with it.

Oooh, what about colored vellum? The only problem there would be how to stick it down, since the back of this piece of white was covered with glue.

Oh, well, I'll have fun playing!  I'll be sure to show you what works and what doesn't. And if you have this die, I'm interested to know how it cuts for you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: SU Whisper White card stock, Our Daily Bread Quatrefoil Pattern die, Memory Box pearls, and the following:


  1. You chose wisely, that is a beautiful card. I love that dies are making it so much easier to make a card.

  2. Gorgeous! I can see using this die, with such a classic design for many, many cards so I'd say it's money well spent.

  3. beautiful die! that is a great pattern paper with it.
    -Rachel w k


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