Saturday, August 25, 2007

Krum update - One week later

Today was wicked hot, so sitting outside at the market most of the day was, oh, the word 'oppressive' comes to mind. This kind of weather should be outlawed. I brought my trusty room fan to move the air (thank goodness we have electricity available!), plus some frozen towels. Yep, frozen towels. I wet down some kitchen towels and freeze them over night, then pack them in a cooler the next day. We started doing this on our all-day bike rides to cool off after 4 hours of biking in this Hazy, Hot & Humid, so I knew what I had to do to survive the market today. Once the towels start to thaw a bit, you peel them apart and place the partly-frozen towel on your neck, temples, back, front, top of your head, wherever works to cut the hot. It is amazing!

The market was pretty hoppin' considering how hot it was. Most people who stopped by with their dogs had them out because they were on their way home from the Vet. Lots of people went to the Vet today, including me...must be that time of year. My kitty, who normally just acts a little miffed and bothered at the Vet's office decided to be a total witch today, and I have the claw marks to show for the moment she decided she really did not want her back claws clipped.

Anywho, Krum's new Mom came by and gave us a Krum update. When she first took him to the Vet last week he weighed in at 10 ounces. Now he is up to a full pound! One of her two current cats ignores the little guy, but the other one, who is male and 1 1/2 years old, tries to Mother him. So cute!

Krum is doing very well. She reported he now goes all night without needing attention - just like a baby! She is a real trooper for taking him on! He's figured out how to use his mini overnight litter bowl, and has even started to refuse the bottle, so she thinks it may be time for some moist food. She said it was too hot out or she would have brought him - what a good Mom!!! Hopefully we'll get to see him real soon. I plan to pack my camera every week in case he makes an appearance so I can post an updated photo of the little guy.

While I was at the Vet's office this morning, I mentioned to one of the Vet techs about Krum, and they were overjoyed that we'd found him a home, and that our story had a happy ending. She said so many of them do not, so I was again reassured with our collective decision.

Right now I am nestled in my couch in the nice air conditioning, dreading having to go out tomorrow. I plan to hit Lowe's as soon as they open (early!) to pick up some ceiling fans that I am having installed on Tuesday, then I have a stamp club event at 2 where I plan to walk briskly from the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned community room where we ar meeting. There really oughta be a law about this stinkin' hot & humid stuff outside. Stay cool, wherever you are!

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