Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Day in the Life

Just when I thought I was all caught up and ready for my Stamp Camp tomorrow, I realized I had not made copies of all the instructions yet! Aaaack! So my little printer is humming away making copies, and I hope to be done before midnight.

But the tables are set with Grid Paper and it looks like everyone will fit. This is a good thing because I was very worried there for a bit. (Hey, that rhymes!) Fortunately true stampers & crafters can deal with a little adversity if it means they can play, and boy will we play tomorrow! I am really looking forward to the event!

I did go to the Farmers Market today, even though "Blustery" was today's weather prediction. If you stood in the sun it was fine, but by 1:00 pm my cards were blowing around and I got tired of retrieving them, so I left as little early. I was really glad I'd brought my Christmas stuff, as that is almost all I sold. And I also realized I am almost out of Christmas cards. Uh-oh, guess I know what I'll be doing this week, since I have a Christmas show on Saturday! And I just got some new Cat's Pajamas stamps, so I'll try and use them this week.

When I got back from the Market I finished up some Reindeer Food I'd started last week.

This is really easy to make, it is just time-consuming. The mix is oatmeal and sparkly sugar (Wilton brand). Don't use glitter because it could hurt the birds (or Reindeer) that feed on it. You are supposed to sprinkle it on the snow for the Reindeer to eat while Santa is having his milk and cookies. Cute idea, so I thought I'd make a few for this year's shows.

Note: I had to double-bag them. I dunno, I guess I got some sharp-edged oats or something, because one of the bags was leaking, and heaven knows I do not want that stuff leaking anywhere in here! Double-bagging will protect my space and also the customer's shopping bag and space.

This one actually qualifies as a Stash Diving project since I used up the remainder of a partial roll of ribbon from last year. It came in three colors on one roll, and I only used the green, so this year I used up the red and the gold. Yay!

The Reindeer is from the SU Festive Favorites set. I used a blender pen with Creamy Caramel to color him, and I used a glitter pen on his nose and antlers. He's layered on Pomegranate card stock and attached with a misc eyelet, also from the stash.

I also tried something else new! At my August Open House, one of my Make & Takes was the globe that I have seen posted all over SCS. One of my customers loved it so much she has one in her cube at work, and she also made a pumpkin for her apartment door. She said she moved the strips of paper around so the back was open so it lays flat against her door. Great idea! She decorated it and said it looks very cool! We were talking, and she thought the same technique could be used to make ... a snowman! Three globes, different sizes, so guess what I did tonight when I should have been cleaning the bathroom?

Yep! Isn't he cute? Well, this one is not cute, but I can definitely see if I actually spent some quality time with him he could be cute.

The 12 strips of 1 x 6 work just fine for the bottom. I used 4" strips for the middle and 2" strips for the top. All out of one piece of textured card stock.

Please note: You need to use fewer strips of paper as the balls get smaller. Or make the globes less round...or something. There are too many pieces here and they will not all fan out nicely. The top one has 8 pieces, and it is still too much. I need to play with it to figure that one out. Some day.

And if I had the time, wouldn't he look adorable with a real knitted scarf? Or crocheted? Something his size would take mere minutes to do, too! That one goes on my "some day" list, too.

That's it for this evening. I need to finish copying all this stuff, then get some shut-eye. Maybe I'll clean the bathroom tonight instead of waiting for the morning so I can sleep in. Printer is still copying anyway ....

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