Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Card Kit Creation

Last night, as I stepped gingerly through the cramped space that should be my Craft Room, I spied a piece of patterned paper, and since I have nowhere else to put anything, it was, well, just sitting 'out', ya know? Being a Mom, I have the activated Mom Photographic Memory - the result of multitudes of queries like "Mom, where are my shoes?!?!" - so the paper's image and location were lodged in my memory for later retrieval.

Today is Monday, December 31st. That means it was a sloooow day at the office, so my mind wandered to what I'd create with these pre-cut card kits when I got home. That's when the Mom Memory kicked in! I remembered the card I made last night (see yesterday's post, below) had a piece of Close To Cocoa in it, and the Mom Memory recalled this piece of brown argyle-type print paper. PERFECT!

So when I got home I made this:

Recipe: Stamps - Lovely As A Tree, All Holiday; Paper - Ruby Red, Old Olive, Naturals White, Close To Cocoa, misc patterned paper; Ink - Choc Chip; Other - Close To Cocoa and Old Olive markers, Word Window punch, HPH, misc gingham ribbon.

This is the same set of card stock pieces I used yesterday, still minus the mystery 1/4 sheet of Ruby Red; I just added the patterned paper this time and layered the squares a little differently. I like this one a LOT better than the first one I made.

I think this Lovely As A Tree set will stand the test of time. I have had it forever, it is one of my go-to sets, and I plan to keep it, even long after SU retires it, if they ever do! (Oh, man, now that I put that in writing, it will probably retire in June. Sigh ... )

And by the way! For all you neat-nicks out there, if I had put that paper away I would have never seen it in passing, and this card would never have been created. Just think of all that beautiful paper I have filed away that I never see, so it never gets used. Soooo, my hypothesis is this: a messy craft room is more conducive to generating inspiration than an immaculate one. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

(Somewhere, I am sure my HS teachers are cringing ... I used to know the difference between a hypothesis and a theory, but it is lost in the recesses of my mental storage files.)

Enough with the Ruby Red stacks. Next up I'll play with some of the purple stacks o'card stock. Stay tuned!

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