Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Washi Miss You for OWH

The other day I said I might try to use up my chevron washi tape by making a bunch of cards for OWH. Well, I tried, I really did. I got to 11 cards and had to stop. I was tired of lining up all those chevrons, and I was barely making a dent in the supply. Why is it when you want to use up a product, you find there is JUST TOO MUCH of it?!?!?

Anyway, I'm not whining about making OWH cards. No no no, not at all! In fact, once I got the washi tape done and slept on it (I needed to rest up, you know), I added a quick sentiment and put them on bases - done!

Here's the first one:

which is just like this one without the feather.

Here's the second one:

which is just like this one without the leaf branch. I think they are fine when they are plain like this. And they would work to or from a guy or gal. Flexibility is important for the troops. Miss You and Thinking Of You are the best cards, as they would get sent more often than Birthday cards, though I am guilty of sending a lot of Birthday cards to OWH.

I'll put these in the almost-full box I have and try to get the box out this week.

Thanks for stopping by!

Yes, you want this stuff:

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  1. That chevron tape makes a perfect OWH card, I like all of these. I do wish the zig zags lined up, though.


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