Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Non-Traditional Birthday Card

Who ever said a birthday card needed to say Happy Birthday? Hmmm? Even though I am about six weeks behind on sending my belated birthday cards this year, I made a special effort to make one for a good friend.

Here's the card, then I'll explain:

I must admit, this card gave me fits, mostly because all I knew was I wanted to use that sentiment.  My brain went to "sunshine" and I decided I needed a sunburst background. The easiest way to accomplish that would be a die.

I looked through my collection of sun ray dies (Whaaaaaa? Don't you have more than one?) and chose this one from Simon Says Stamp. Full-sized it's about 4" across, which totally threw me off my game, because I'm and A2 card gal. I relented and even cut a 5" piece of card stock, but then I realized (for the first time) that the sentiment just wasn't going to fit.

I'd painted myself into a corner, but I'm stubborn, and wouldn't give up.

First thing I did was hack off the sides of the sun burst. Who said it needs to be framed? NO ONE, I tell you, NO ONE. Once I'd done that, my options for A2 all came back to me. :)

Since everything was so square, I wanted round for the sentiment. Naturally, a circle wide enough for the width of the sentiment was too tall and left a ton of space at the bottom. So, who said it has to be a full circle? NO ONE, I tell you, NO ONE! (Do you see a pattern here?)  So I put the sentiment where I wanted it and cut off the bottom. (Oh, look, it's crooked.)

I felt the circle in the sun burst was boring, and needed embellishment. Somewhere in my craft room I have a small collection of pretty round magnets, but I couldn't find them for the life of me. Plan B was to use a button, which would also give me a spot of color. Pool it was! That's a Hero Arts Pool button, sewn on with some SU Pool Party baker's twine.

Okay, again, maybe not my best work, but I'm happy with the card, and I hope the recipient will be, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: SU Pool Party baker's twine, SU Feel Goods stamp set, Simon Says Stamp Sunshine die (not Full Card size), and the following:


  1. No one, I tell you, no one will have a problem with the composition of this card! Well done.

  2. I love your narratives when you post. Makes me laugh, because I go through similar discussions in my head. Thanks for your Instagram comment on my card for your challenge. :) I decided to start up a blog again since I found myself doing some challenges lately. Don't think I'm weird, but it will be similar to yours - I have 3 dachshunds so I'm adding info about them as I go - kinda like your Bobra. If you get a chance, I'd love for you to stop by:


  3. (Shh, I don't have even ONE sunburst die...)
    My birthday cards hardly ever say happy birthday on the outside, because then what do I say inside? So I'm all for this card. Especially the design and the colours. And the just-barely-crooked sentiment, which emphasizes that it's hand-crafted. :D

  4. My father's day card didn't say Happy Father's Day on the outside! I'm loving that die, even though it's a smaller size. Very nice color combo!

  5. aha! you've stumbled upon one of my dilemmas: if the sentiment is on the front, what do you put inside??!? :) :) :) looooove that sunburst + button!!!

  6. All these crafting disasters are giving me a headache! Oh wait... I already had one. You turned all the frowns upside down. Or something like that. You made it all work out really well and that's what counts even if you did pull out all your hair in the process.


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