Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SOS #204: Red, Red Wine

It's Tuesday, and time for a new challenge over at Shopping Our Stash. Once again, the ladies were put at the mercy of my ear worm, as I thought of Neil Diamond's Red, Red Wine*. So this week we'd like you to make a card that either features red as the main color - OR - use wine as your theme. Or mix it up and do both!

Here's my card, then I'll explain:

Please pretend that little orange tab doesn't look like a bandage. I thank you.

Now is the time I come clean and admit I totally backed into this card.  You see, I pulled out my Simon Says Stamp Adult Beverages set to stamp the wine glass, and found pre-stamped, pre-colored, pre-covered-with-Tim-Holtz-Frost-Film images in the package. Sometimes, when you're indecisive (like the last time I used this set, apparently), and you over-stamp, keep those things, as you just never know when they may come in handy. :)

So I started with that glass of blush wine. I can't drink red wine, but I do love a good blush or Riesling. The color of the wine drew my eyes to my not-yet-put-away Fancy Pants True Friend 6x6 paper pack, and the rest is ... well, you're looking at it. I used up a bunch of tiny pieces of the paper, and even cut into a new one for the brownish layer. Heck, this card is practically all stash! Whoot!

So, got some wine-themed stuff? Love red? Why not join us this week at SOS?

Thanks for stopping by!

*No, UB40 did not write Red, Red Wine. Neil Diamond did, in 1968. I've seen ND perform UB40's version, and thank them, but ... no, ND wrote it.

For you doubters:

Stuff I used: Spellbinder's Petite Ovals Small dies,and the following:


  1. Great card, I'm not a red wine drinker either. I like your sketch and colours.

  2. pre-colored image that fits the current challenge?? big, biiiiiig win!!! :) (ps ta v much for the ND info... i did not know that...)

  3. Fabulous creation! I love the papers and you have layered them perfectly! I am on too many drugs to drink wine, period. However, there are thing that make me think about drinking wine...a lot of wine! I had fun with this challenge! Thanks, Leslie!

  4. I'm pro adult beverages but wine is low on the list (too sugary). I like this card and really like that it is mostly stash. Very nice!

  5. While I love some ND songs...this one wasn't in my head when I saw the prompt...UB40's version was... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T2MIGuA8p4.
    Love that you found your frosted glass pieces again. Super fun.

  6. I happen to love red... except as my wine. :) This is an awesome card! And of course it's just smart to keep extra stamped stuff.

  7. WAH??? How have I NEVER heard Neil Diamond sing Red Red Wine?? Thanks for enlightening me!!! I just adore your card, words to live by...it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

  8. I didn't think bandaid until you said it, lol :D
    I too love a nice blush wine :) This is a motto to live by for sure!

  9. Yeah, like Jessi said, I didn't even think bandaid until you called it out. I love this card, and bonus for being able to make use of the pre-colored wine glass stash. As you may know, I AM a red wine drinker, but on rare occasions I've been known to sip a pino grigio. I as well, didn't realize that ND was the original singer of Red, Red Wine. (but since I don't really care for his music, I'll stick with the UB40 version) :)


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