Friday, June 12, 2015

CSSC #5 Mid-challenge Post

We're mid-way though my current sketch challenge, and I've made another card. Here's the sketch:

which I turned on its ear to make this:

I opted to put the sentiment in the hands of those cute critters, and I used some left-over hearts where the sketch element sentiment is.  See:

Once you flip the sketch, all sorts of other opportunities present themselves. Those critters could be flower pots filled with flowers. :)

There's still time to play! The link-up will be open through the 21st. And remember, I'm partnering with the Little Tangles challenge blog this month, so you have two chances to win! Check out my original post for details, and to link up.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Too cute! Love how you flipped the sketch!

  2. Nice, this is next on my crafting to do list!

  3. Hah! These little guys are just too much fun! I love the sentiment and especially the "ditto!" LOL

  4. This so adorable! Love how your sketches are so versatile. Have a great day Leslie.

  5. Eek! So cute! I'm still working my brain around this one...

  6. omg! those critters are just sooooooooooo flippin' awesome! plus the little signs... a gazzillion possibilities right there eh? trying to get over here to do the sketch, time has not been my friend this month, lol! :)

  7. These little critters are so cute. It is things like this that make me grumpy over this strict budget thing but dah-yam life's been less stressful. Anyway, this is the best version of this sketch I've seen yet. Winner winner chicken dinner.


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