Friday, August 14, 2015

A Little Twist on a Lesson

Last week I posted a few cards I made following Jennifer McGuire's video on Faux Textured Metal Paper. It involves masking a card front, applying LOTS of Distress ink, and then dusting the damp ink with Perfect Pearls.

I don't know about you, but when I learn something new, after I make a few cards, I get bored and need to move on. But this time I decided it was the rectangle that was boring. What if I used a different shape?

Here's the card I made, then I'll explain:

I mistakenly die-cut the Hero Arts Leaf from a piece of card stock, and since I was too lazy to get the masking paper, I decided to just use the negative of the die-cut as my mask.  Trust me, the masking paper or Post-It paper would have been easier.

I applied three colors of green Distress ink over the opening. I had to be careful to not let the pieces of the die-cut move. (Use masking paper!) The good part about this technique is you have to use A LOT of ink, so soft blending wasn't an issue.

After I applied the ink, the negative mask was a mess, so I took it off, then applied Biscotti Perfect Pearls to the inked area. It's sparkly, but you can't really tell from my crack 5:00 am photography (yeah, I made this the same night I wasn't sleeping):

I ran the piece through an embossing folder, then went in search of an olive-ish card stock. How is it possible I have not one piece of card stock that went with this leaf color?!

No problem! Direct-to-paper with the darker color of Distress ink, and boom, done.

So, I think this technique, as fabby as it is with the masked rectangle, has a lot more possibilities if you consider different shapes.

And please use masking paper. You'll thank me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used:  Darice embossing folder, and the following:


  1. That is a good use of the negative space and I can see where masking paper would have been the better choice, but you gotta work with what you have, right? That fern (?) looks gorgeous with the PP over it.

  2. Wait - but should I use masking paper? This is gorgeous. That tutorial is on my list - so yummy.

    I love seeing Bobra-pants when I come over here :)

  3. I just picked up a few more perfect pearls thanks to you and your latest posts. I liked it when J M did it, but really loved what you put it is on my list. Love this one, fab that you used a smaller image.

  4. Oh, yes. Using the leaf with this technique works. I wasn't tempted to try this before, but I might have to now.

  5. I see the shimmer! I have biscotti perfect pearls! Such a gorgeous card. I do like the twist of something more exciting than a rectangle, too. :)

  6. Leslie, I love this card! Your inking is amazing -- even if it were at 5 in the afternoon -- and you chose the perfect embossing folder. And, thanks so much for the kind words you've been leaving at my new blog. :)

  7. Now there is a new way to look at this technique. I almost think this is more fun than the rectangle. Awesome card!


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