Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OWH Cards

I mentioned the other day that I made a ton of cards for OWH while at a crafty retreat last month. I couldn't send them in, though, because I still haven't found the moving box marked "envelopes". I had to resort to ordering 1000 more envelopes. Yes, 1000. I get them through Heinrich, who is an OWH supporter. You can find them on the OWH Fundraising tab, click on Donate & Shop. Shipping is high, but (1) you can split the order with someone to share the cost, and (2) for 1000 envelopes it's still only 3 cents each, even with the shipping.

ANYway, I finally took some pictures of the cards I made. Let's have a look.

First I performed an exercise to justify my washi tape addiction, and I made a bunch of these:

Then I used some cut-off strips from some papers I used for my change of address cards (still not mailed, by the way, though I do now have envelopes. I'm missing my address book now. ;/)

Then I used some of my DaisyD papers (yes, they are ancient) to make a few Miss You cards:

and some Love You cards:

I think there are about 50 total, which isn't too bad, but it's still not enough to fill even a medium Flat Rate box. I need to get busy this weekend and make some more!

I've been working on the craft room and overflow room, and I have my space almost functional now. I'll take a few pictures tomorrow. I'm itching to get back into some serious crafting!

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  1. I'm sure OWH will be glad to see you are back in bidness again. These are lovely and perfect for the OWHers.

  2. YOWZA!!!!!!!!!!! just when i thought you could not be more awesome! ♥♥♥


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