Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SOS #129: Holiday or Winter

Welcome to a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. Since most of my USofA peeps are in the throes of Thanksgiving preparation, this is a TWO WEEK CHALLENGE.

This week we ask you to make a holiday- or Winter-themed card. That can be Chanukkah (if, like me, you do things at the last minute), Christmas, Winter Solstice, or any other Winter holiday that happens around this time of year. Or, if you don't want to do holiday, just make something with a Winter theme: hot cocoa, sleds, snowmen ... LOTS of options!

As I mentioned, I just made my Chanukkah cards, and here is this year's version:

Note: It's important when you are just playing around, and you think you might come back to a project later, to keep track of what you did. You see, I made a few of these at my crafty retreat back in October, and when I pulled them out today to try to replicate them, I failed, miserably. Thus, I am about to tell you my road to too many layers of goop.

Please notice the shine on the candelabra/menorah:

I thought I'd used a silver gelly glaze pen like i did on the candles, but nope ... that just came out all wet and warpy. Then I remembered I'd used Copics for the flames and the menorah, so I did that, then went over it with a clear glitter pen. It was shiny, but still not right. THEN I remembered I'd gone over it with a Versamark marker and clear-embossed it. That was it!  So this guy has many layers, but --- BONUS --- it's glittery under the embossing now. yi yi yi

So, I used the Bright Glaze pens (linked below) on the candles, Copics for the flames and the menorah, a clear glitter pen on the menorah, then clear embossing powder on the menorah.

Next, because I felt this was very minimalist, I decided to break out a piece of Mike's glitter paper. I bought it in every color one day several years ago when my LSS wasn't open as early as I thought it was, and I was forced (FORCED) to go down the street to Mike's to kill time. With all the cards I make for OWH, we all know glitter is verboten, but for friends and family it's totally okay! :)  I cut it into mostly 1/4" strips and stuck it to the edges of the card bases.

Then, breaking all the rules, I put the 3D adhesive on the base instead of the back of the top layer. I tried to line it up, but it started to look like work. By putting the foam squares on the base, I could get them close to the glitter strips and the corners and make sure I minimized saggage.

So that's it. My Chanukkah cards for this year. Now it's YOUR turn. Have you started your holiday cards yet? Don't do holiday cards? Then how about a Winter theme? Snow? Hot cocoa? Icy trees? Cute little deer in a snowy field? Go forth and create, then come back to Shopping Our Stash and link us up so we can see what you've made.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Vat of clear embossing powder I got from Viva Las Vega Stamps a bazillion years ago, Mike's blue glitter paper, and the following:


  1. Sparkly and shiny - I like it! No holiday card making started here yet. Soon. I have all of my stuff out, just no inspiration to go with it.

  2. i looooooooove this one! tho i'm sorry about the "road to gloop" misadventures. (ok, actually, i'm sorry for your inconvenience, but secretly i always laugh like heck reading your adventures, so i guess i'm not all THAT sorry iykwim?! sorry not to be sorry, how's that?!) :) :) :)

    ps in the immortal words of adam sandler: "grab your harmonica and have a happy, happy, happy, HAPPY hanukkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"!!! ♥

  3. Fun and fabulous! Great font and fab and funky menorah. Happy Chanukkah, my friend!

  4. LOL! Sorry not sorry, just like Lauren :) And I'll add, grab your gin & tonic-a! I wanted to do a Hanukkah card for this challenge too but I *just* bought these 2 sets like 2 weeks ago.


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