Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SOS #201: Oldest Washi Tape

It's Tuesday and time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week we'd like you to use your Oldest Washi Tape. That's right: oldest. We think it's been around long enough for people to have an "oldest" stash.  If you don't have any washi tape (gasp) feel free to use a faux washi tape technique, or washi tape stamps. Some links were provided in the SOS post.

For my card, I was pretty sure I had some "oldest", so I made this:

I have two containers full of MME stacks of washi tape. Back when they were new, I might have purchased them all, even the ones with gah pink. I'm pretty sure I'll never run out.

This is also my oldest, go-to sketch for using washi tape. It's so easy!  Especially with the matchy-matchy MME washi stacks! I also work with a 4x5.25 panel of white, which allows me to tuck under the washi tape. Then I just put it on foam tape to attach it to the base.

The sentiment is from a set that works with a wavy banner, and I tried to straighten it out ... oh, wait, I meant to do that!  

So, got washi tape? Do you maybe have some neglected washi tape stamps? Why not get them out and use them to play our SOS challenge this week?

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  1. OOOO, terrific patterns and perfect matchy-matchy. I don't like it when the tapes in a set do not match. This set is wonderful!
    YOU are the reason I own any washi, my friend! You purchased my first washi tapes for me...Target, I think? This will be an easy challenge for me :)

  2. Wow love the colours love the sketch. Fabulous job teamie. I am so washi tape challenged I will probably case this one too.

  3. oh WOW, that really is the BEST SKETCH EVER for using washi... which, is not surprising b/c you ALWAYS rock the tape!!!!! :)

  4. Hmmm even I the ever washi challenged might be able to try to follow that design...maybe. Great design and has potential for so many occasions.

  5. I like the matchy matchy-ness of your tape. I have some of those tubes, decanted as you once pointed out. I have no idea which one of the hundreds of rolls are my oldest tapes but I'm sure if I looked I could point out some that weren't acquired recently.

  6. Ohhhhh yes, this is awesome! Love the patterns the wavy (or not) sentiment, the colours...FAB!

  7. This is so nice, Leslie! I have this set of tapes (came in a tube) but it would never occur to me to do this. Great CAS creation and the sentiment looks planned!

  8. Yes to owning (too much) washi tape, yes to owning washi tape stamps, and yes to having made my own washi tape. I guess I should play! I may just have to CASE your design though. ;)

  9. Soooo matchy! I love these colours - and perfect layout for that bleeping washi (of which I have lots) that doesn't like to stay stuck UNLESS you don't want it to!

  10. You know, I never even noticed the "I meant to do that" slightly wavy sentiment until you said something. This is a prime example of perfect use of washi tape! Gorgeous card!


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