Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Chronicles: Workshops minus 12 hours

The winds are howling outside, and I have already lost my Internet connection once today, but that is the least of my worries right now. I could probably live without the Internet - heck, I could stamp or something, ya know? But when I am connected to the Web, I like to know I am protected by powerful Anti-everything software. I spend a lot of time (too much) on the 'net, so when I am online I need to know my bank transactions and all my logins are not being recorded or monitored by a Bad Person, or worse - Spyware, slapped onto my computer by a Bad Person! So I am very good about buying and renewing my Anti-Virus software each year.

Until this year. It was due to expire on March 8th, which is today, and since I get a discount on it through work, I had to send myself the link from work so I could download it at home. Now how difficult do you think it would be to remember to do that? Huh? Well, when you get old you forget what you forgot, and then you remember when it is too late. I found myself remembering when I fired up my laptop each evening this past week that I needed to get the link and secret password for the software, and I finally sent myself a reminder to do just that, and I had the link and password and was ready to go last night.

So to make a very long and very painful story very short, I spent most of the night on Friday and most of Saturday trying to recover my laptop. Not pretty. I am currently sans Anti-Virus software, but the old Microsoft Firewall will save me from those demons until I can get this resolved on Monday. Personally, I think if this stuff can expire on a weekend, then their support staff should have to work the just seems right.

Anyway, while I was waiting for software to download and computers to re-re-boot, I started to get ready for my workshops which start tomorrow morning. I can barely get into my Storage/Wannabe-Craft-Room because of all the s-crap I've stashed in there, but the main room looks just fine! Check it out!

Here we have the floor that just a few short hours ago was host to about 3 boxes of stuff that needed to be addressed. The big box of shoes - all packed up and dropped off at the Post Office this morning. The Box with all the scrapbook supplies - in the other room. The Book - on top of The Box (in the other room). The partially-completed scrapbook - on top of The Book on top of The Box (in the other room). The box of Papertrey Ink merchandise - next to The Box (in the other room) - no way it was going on top of that stuff. Sheesh, we'd have an avalanche some time around 3 am and I'd be rudely awakened, and we cannot have that! I need to be well-rested so I can clean the bathroom tomorrow morning. Aaaaand, we all lose an hour of sleep tonight! Gotta change those clocks - Spring Forward. Boo.

And here is the Dining Room table, mostly ready for tomorrow. I just have a few more small items to put away.

Hard to believe that just three days ago that table looked like this.

After a long month, The Chronicles have come to an end ... for real this time! I have come to accept that as long as I live in a place this small, this monthly cleaning frenzy will just be my lot in life.

So, to celebrate the completion of preparation for tomorrow, I decided to ... stamp something! Most of The Ladies that attend my workshops are not the least bit interested in making a Baby card, so I am on my own here. This is a design totally CASEd from Lauren Meader's blog. It was just too cute to pass up!

Recipe: Stamps - So Many Scallops; Paper - Whisper White, Bashful Blue, Regal Rose; Ink - Bashful Blue, Regal Rose; Other - 1 3/8 Circle punch, Scallop punch, bone folder, eyelets.

Aren't they adorable? So much potential here. They could be made out of pretty patterned paper, or colored card stock ... I chose white card stock for my first attempt. Lauren's blog has all the instructions for how to punch and measure for the sleeves, so I will not bother to repeat what has already been done, and quite excellently (is that a word?) I might add!

These are just so stinkin' cute! After I am done with Tuesday's workshop and the room is back to its non-workshop configuration, I may have to break out the Cuttlebug and try some of the embossing folders on part of the front. Oh, the possiblities!

Gotta go change the clocks and hit the hay. Tomorrow there's a bathroom to clean!

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  1. You make me dizzy ! LOL

    I'm glad you are getting things worked not want you unprotected!!

    Wish I had a stash like yours! That's alotta stuff you got !


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