Saturday, March 15, 2008

The New Me!

ETA: I have removed the previously-mentioned bitchin' site and made up one of my own! ;-)

Thanks to Jan for pointing out that "Bitchin'" site! (See the new link/logo on the right side of my blog.) Now I will no longer subject my beloved two (or maybe three) readers to my occasional rant. Instead, this site will revert back to its intended purpose - STAMPIN'! Now I might slip up at some point and sneak in a little tirade, but I promise to keep this site as close rant-free as possible.

There, I feel so much better now! :-) I think I'll mosey on over to the other room, load up some Anti-Virus software on the ol' PC (I got my laptop back in shape, finally!), and work on my taxes! Then later today I'll stamp something and maybe even share it, if it turns out to be blog-worthy, that is. :-)

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