Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Culinary Adventures in Paradise

My Dad buys green bananas. Not the yellow ones tinted with a little green - just green. He puts them in the drawer of the fridge and a few days later they are ugly, but just the right ripeness for him.

While shopping for food for week #2, he picked up some green bananas, put them in the drawer of the fridge, and 2 days later they were still green and rock hard. So he put them in a brown bag on the counter. Two days later, still green and rock hard. Then he put them on the patio table to see if the hot & humid would prod them along. Nope.

We started to think they were plantains, not bananas. Does Del Monte do plantains?

So this morning I'd had enough of these mis-behaving bananas and decided to treat them like plantains - I fried 'em! I spent a few minutes breaking into one of them...peeling the little bugger was NOT fun. I sliced it up and fried it in a little oil and butter (that's all the lubricants we have left). Then I used the flat side of a large knife (the only 'flat' thing in the whole kitchen) to smash them and put them back in the oil. They came out okay - not a lot of flavor besides 'fried', but okay. At least we did not have to throw them out. I hate doing that...

And last night we cut into the mini-pineapple we got. It is really just a mini-pineapple, not a picked-too-soon regular-sized one. It was sweet and yummy!

Today we need to go to the grocery store again. Normally we buy just enough food to make it through the week, and Thursday night is traditionally 'left overs' night for dinner. After dinner we purge the fridge because we head to the airport at O'Dark Thirty Friday morning.

But, we had all our leftovers last night! What are we to do!? We figured we could make it through breakfasts and lunches with the meager bread and cheese we have left, but dinner? Oh, darn, we'll have to go OUT - TWICE! Life is really tough, dontcha think? ;-)

I am also winding down on my desire to stamp. I think I forgot enough stuff this time (like white EP) that I got stopped in my tracks one too many times, and I've started to pack things up. No, really! Can you imagine ME giving up on STAMPing? Sigh - I think I've just had enough of nothingness and I am ready to come home.

After we go out for dinner, of course!

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