Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leaving Paradise

I am now at the end of this beautiful vacation. I love coming to Sanibel Island because there is absolutely nothing to do unless you golf or shop - neither of which I do; or like to eat out, which I do not. I have biked in prior years since the island has wonderful bike paths; I even brought my own bike one year, but not this sounded like work. So this year I was a very successful total slug. As it should be. ;-)

I am ready to leave this lovely place, and ready to go home, but I am NOT ready to go back to work. Nuh-uh! Unfortunately there is that pesky thing called a 'mortgage' and, oh, yeah, that last order I placed with Stampin' Up! so I could be maybe prepared for my Holiday Stamp Camp in early November. Details!

I do miss the cat, though large parts of her in the form of hair are attached to everything I have here. ;-)

So it will be life as usual when I get home Saturday afternoon, barring the cat that will be attached to me at the hip. I'll give her some luvin' and put away the nasty suitcases, and head back to work on Monday. I'll get back to my normal stamping routine as I start to prepare for my two Holiday Shows and maybe a do few more Farmers Markets. Looking forward to being home.

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