Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Crooked Stamper Meets a Scrapbook

I finally 'get' scrapbooking! I am a card-maker, and I always said a scrapbook page was too large of a palette for me to cover with things, and that's why cards worked for me. But I've gotta tell ya, I have never used so much of my stash in one sitting in the 5+ years I have been collecting it! In a short 8 hours yesterday, I had so many, "Oh, I have that!" moments I had to stop counting!

Here is just one small example of my realization of the meaning of "scrap" and using everything you have:

Here is a really bad shot of a page of faux hinge stickers I rescued.

I thought I was brilliant when I decided to cut them in half and put them on opposite pages of a 2-page spread. It does look very cool.

[Please ignore that annoying flash reflection.]

And then I got really brilliant! I decided to use the left-behind hole thingies from the faux hinges as faux brads!

I tell ya, it went nuts from here. I used a flower sticker from part of a retired SU Scrappin' kit and I went back later and actually used the left-behind edge of the die-cut; I cut it out and used it as a frame for a page comment on a later page. Not that I need to be so frugal...I am sure I have enough stuff to last a lifetime. (What is that acronym? SABLE? Supplies Available Beyond Life Expectancy. Yep, that's me!) But there is something about actually using all the parts-is-parts of things that makes me happy. I think that's the extra punch scrappers get that maybe we miss as card-makers. Or maybe it is just easier to pull off.

Anyway, I have managed to scrap my way West from Maryland into Illinois, and I should be into Missouri by this afternoon. The way this is progressing, since it was a trip about all the little things, after all, this is gonna be one honkin' scrapbook! I am seriously considering Volumes I and II.

And keep those comments coming for the "Spot the Mistake" Contest! I have an idea for the give-away, and I am still working out a plan for my non-scientific selection of a winner. :-)


  1. While reading this post, the hubby has some sort of Wild West program on and it was as if this post was set to music!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. I love using scraps and found items to make things. It isn't because I have a lack of things with which to work either. I don't really know why I'm such a miser. LOL

    (Oh yah, this is Kentucky Girl posting on her stamper identity. Oops on the before..uhm, twice.)

  3. "...a lack of things with which to work"

    Ah, proper sentence construction - 'tis a beautiful thing. LOL!


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