Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Chronicles: Day 5

Before we get to The Chronicles, let me first come clean in the Ribbon Department. You may recall I had three things to do on Saturday: take the cat to the Vet, start my taxes, then start on my South Dakota Road Trip scrap book. Well, I went to the Vet, and kitty now has a chip and no collar. Done.

Then the phone rang - it was my trusty cohort M., on her way to one of our favorite stamp stores about 45 minutes away in Virginia, and did I want to go along. Hmmm ... stamp store ... taxes ... hmmm ... the stamp store won! While I was there, I bought some more ribbon. Bad, I know, but I HAD to get it! Check it out:

The two sheers are white with swirls and cream with swirls, and were too beautiful to pass up. The ropey one is a really cool (neat) blue & green. And the one with the dog bones just called to me, ya know?

So I get home and look what was in my mail box:

My latest delivery from my Really Reasonable Ribbon Club membership. Can you say Yellow and Green? :-) So I guess I have a bit more ribbon winding to do.

Then, I was good. I went to the computer and loaded my Tax software, updated it, imported last year's return, copied the spreadsheet from my laptop to the other computer and started to finalize my 2007 stamp-related income and expenses. After about an hour I'd had enough, so I took a break...and I am still ON that break, and it is now Sunday evening! HAHAHA!

But, I have completed nine pages for my scrap book. Nine pages and I am still on Day 2 of a 16 day trip. Uh-oh. So as I was working on the next two pages, I looked up and realized the stuff on the table had reached critical mass. I think the moment has arrived!

I have gone from clean to a total mess in only 5 days! My goodness, what will happen between now and my next workshop!?!?! Yikes!

So ends The Chronicles. At this point I think I will have to start putting things away to do much more work, as I am beginning to lose things under there. Not a good thing. The GOOD news is all this scrappin' has me using a LOT of stuff from my stash! I have been quite resourceful - lots of chipboard letters, miscellaneous brads, retired-and-hoarded ribbon, lots of the stickers from a partial Scrappin' Kit - like I said: LOTS of stuff getting used up. YAY!

Ah, well, I am off to spool up some ribbon and maybe work on a few more scrap book pages.

PS: Before I forget, I ran into a college Sophomore today who did not know the significance of the year 1776. He just looked at me blankly. And he is a History major in college, but he was quick to point out he was focussed on European history, not US History. Yes, he was familiar with the Fourth of July, but had no idea the original event we celebrate occurred in the year 1776. Once I explained it to him, he said he'd had US History in his Freshman year of High School, as if to say, "How do you expect me to remember that?!" OMG, this disturbs me, a lot.

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  1. whoa! dogbone ribbon!!!! i did not see that. i guess you know where i'll be in the morning???



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