Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Chronicles: Day 7

The Chronicles are back. I was silly and closed them way too soon! True, I had successfully covered my Dining Room table, but I neglected to realize just how DEEP things could get. Check it out:

I am working on my South Dakota scrap book, and have managed to work my way to Day 3 - woo-hoo! But I know I need to have a theme, or to somehow at least attempt to tie things together as I move from page to page, so naturally, the best way to do that is to have everything you might need within view ... or reach ... or to at least know it is in there, somewhere. So nothing gets put away.

As I tend to do, I stand things up on the floor next to my work station...things like a 12x12 Craft Keeper that holds all my large chipboard stuff from SU.

That's the Craft Keeper, right next to the chair leg, with the numbers (the part I wanted) outside the pack, of course. Also standing by are a zip-top bag that holds a lot of my rub-on and stick-on letters, and the paper bag holds some of my new stamp purchases that I thought I might be able to use, but that did not happen. There are a lot of things stacking up under my trusty paper cutter on the chair, too. And that magazine on the floor is one I just now hacked to get a few things for my College page, but since it gets recycled, it did not go into the round file (trash can.)

The long table is not doing too well, either:

The Blues and Greens scrap boxes are out so I can use the Daylight lamp and get just the right scrap to use...and I am using a LOT of scraps! The Atlas came out tonight so I could get more detail for the side roads I took on the trip. The scrap-book-in-progress is open to the left of the paper cutter. And yes, I have to move stuff to cut anything.

So you see, things are going downhill fast. BUT, I have completed a bunch of pages for the scrap book, and I am loving it (though the cat is a bit hissy.) I now see why card-makers have so much stuff! It is soooo much easier to use the stash on a scrapbook page! Just so you know I am actually scrappin', here is a sample of one of my early pages:

I used up a lot of things on this mostly-boring page: parts of an old SU Scrappin' kit, some chipboard letters, some retired ribbon. And I broke out my not-so-long-ago-purchased calendar set from Stampendous. I plan to have one of these on the first page for each day of the trip. This one is September, but I cheated for the month of October and made one calendar (without the circled date!), then scanned it in and copied it many-to-a-page. Sorry, but stamping the same month 14 times is just not part of the plan. ;-)

This is my typical style - not too fancy and right to the point. On later pages I did start playing more with papers and embellishments. I may go back and add things to pages like this one. We'll see.

So I am making progress, and the heap continues to grow. I guess The Chronicles will stay open for a while!

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