Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Chronicles: Clean + 1 Day

I smell like Rosemary. And Pastrami. But now that my sandwich is gone, the Rosemary is winning again. Ah, post-massaaaaaaage I feel wonderful. And heaven knows I needed it, what with all the craft-related injuries I sustained last week. Between rolling 200 spools of ribbon, then bending over to talk to little people for 2 hours, then slicing and dicing card stock and putting together kits for my workshops - it's a wonder I was still vertical! I was much more of a mess than I usually am, and yes, my massage therapist yelled at me. Take breaks! What were you thinking?!?! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So Tuesday afternoon & evening we were blessed with the arrival of a very thin layer of ice covering all external surfaces - sidewalks, steps, car windshields, car doors, car door handles, trees, bushes, grass... In fact, the grass was so icy I had to literally push one of my two hardy customers up the grass to the sidewalk and then we baby-stepped to her car. Think about the Tim Conway old-man sketches on The Carol Burnett Show, where he took very small, shuffling steps, and you'll get the picture. Man, it was nas-ty!

After the workshop was over, I cleaned up. Well, my definition of clean, anyway.

The large table got cleared off and pushed back against the book cases. See that neat stack of mats on the left? And the paper cutter to the right? This is how it starts out post-workshop. Not too bad, huh?

Also note the cat and her toy. Standard issue around here, as I'd opened my SU box of goodies. :-)

Here is the Dining Room table post-workshop. I actually did a fairly good job of putting away all the stamp sets - usually they are piled up on one of these two tables. See, I was good!

Please note the smaller table is gone, the folding chairs are folded and stowed, and a body can actually walk into the room without contorting and shifting around tables.

On the left of this table are my standard stampin' mat, covered by all the left-over grid papers so I can work through them over the next few weeks. Also, the heat gun stayed where it was (you just never know when the urge to melt something will hit me), and the markers came out of hiding and are now in front of the heat gun. You can still see the wood of the table. I doubt this will last long.

And now for a slight diversion from the subject at hand (I had to do something crafty here!) This is a box I started to make for The Ladies late Saturday evening, but stopped after one - I was tired. I did not even finish it, but I think it is still very cute. (Template can be found here.)

I'd found these candy-coated mini kisses at the store last week, and wanted to give these boxes to each of my customers filled with the candy, but even though that did not happen, they still got the chocolate - I simply put it out in bowls on the tables. They were most appreciative. :-)

OKAY! Enough blabbing! The following is why we are really here - The Chronicles. I spent part of Wednesday evening playing, and this is how the table looked after that one session:

Hard to believe, but all this came out for one card that is still largely unfinished. How does this happen? I dunno. But hey, it's just me and the cat, so no harm done. I will keep a close watch over the next few days, trying to find the exact moment when the wood of the table completely disappears. Stay tuned!

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