Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey! It was on Sale!

Time for a deep, dark secret about me: I am not a shopper. Not in any sense of the word. Not only do I not spend inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out who has the best price on something I might want to buy, but (outside of stamp stuff) I do not buy anything! I am allergic to shopping malls, stores, crowds, noise, pretty much all of it. So it was not too tough for me to give up haunting the local big-box know M's and ACM's. I swore them off to try and save money. HAHAHAHA! Okay, I did not go to them for months, but I just found online stores to haunt instead. Hmmm ... maybe it's just going OUT that I do not like. Disturbing, non?

Anywho, I decided I wanted a rotary cutter with optional cool cutting blades, and I wanted it cheap. I thought about the Fisker's hand-held handle thingy and remembered one of the aforementioned stores carried it. On the way home this evening, I stopped at the store and went straight to where the cutting stuff used to be. Durn them if they hadn't moved the cutting stuff and replaced it with Cuttlebug stuff! And it was 30% off! And it was LOCKED! I am so naive, I had no idea people would walk off with these things in their pockets. I actually had someone go get the key and unlock those babies for me, and I got a few. Hey - 30% off!!! She had to take them to the counter and hold them for me. I need to get out more.

Then I was off to the cutter stuff. Found all the blades, but no handle thing. They did have a table-top cutter, though. Like I need more stuff that takes up table space! The nice lady that helped me fill my Cuttlebug needs offered to help me decide what to do. As I prepared to put back the blades, she pointed out that all the Fisker's products were 40% off! I am weak, so I caved and got it.

So far, that's two bad's. As I walked out of the cutter area and past the {shudder} paper, I stopped to gaze and drool. I even fondled a few pieces. AND IT WAS ON SALE, TOO! But, lucky for me, the ones I liked were not on sale...the other ones were. So I w.a.l.k.e.d a.w.a.y. No really, I bought zero pieces of paper. (Pats self on back.)

So that's a bad, another bad, and a good. Not too shabby. Now I get home and am faced with the growing pile of stuff on my work area. So what do I do? I challenge myself to USE all this new stuff. Yep - actually use it. Unfortunately that meant taking out the Cuttlebug (had to move the scrap-book-in-progress to make room for it) and the new table-top cutter (put it on top of all the stuff on the other table) - and I USED them! Ta-da:

I got the set of sentiments (River City Rubber Works) during my recent LSS run. It is a clear set with all the occasions. Sold! As I muttered, "Hmm, I wonder if they have a Cod stamp...", I spied one (also by RCRW) and it joined it's friends in my shopping basket. So I have actually used something I bought less than a week ago!

The wavy top of the Blue Bayou card stock was cut using my new Wave cutter blade. Then I felt compelled to run the piece through the Cuttlebug using the bubble folder (sorry, that one was already in the collection.) BUT, I did manage to include a piece of ribbon from my stash instead of using matching the SU double-stitched ribbon, so I can save the SU ribbon for my workshops. And the blue ribbon was very easy to find in it's newly-organized box of Just Blues! :-)

Now I need to go clean up the card-making stuff and get back to work on the scrap book. Time's a-wasting!


  1. I hate shopping too (other than bookstores which i can graze for hours) and I wore a pair of jeans for like 10 years instead of going to the mall and buying some. I finally had to break down and get something for my son's wedding and got some jeans-it was an outdoor casual but at least I have some jeans with out a shiny butt.

  2. I like to shop...I just never get a chance to do so. Online shopping is my best option at this point in my life. But I don't care for the marathon mall shopping events unless they involve a scrapbook store and a Christian bookstore. *grin*

    Nice card!


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