Wednesday, March 19, 2008

From the Jaws of Defeat

When I get an idea, things do not always work out the first two or three or six times I attempt to make it happen on paper. I was working with the SU Sticky Letters the other day, trying to come up with an idea to use them that would work for my April classes. I figured if *I* could do it, then so could they.

I bought the bulk letters offerred to Demos, and it is a sheet of the lower-case letter 'h'. H is for, lesee... Heart, Happy, Hello, Hi, Ho-hum...lots of things. You can also cut off the top and make it an 'n', or turn that upside down and get a 'u'. I hacked at one or two of these when I realized if you cut off the top of the 'h', you also lose the serif, and the remaining letter looks, well, hacked. So I took the top part of the 'h' and stuck it to the leg of the new 'u', and it sorta looks passable.

I was also playing with the new Afternoon Tea DS papers - love 'em! Being lazy I tend to work with what is in front of me, so I grabbed a piece of the Guava patterned paper and stuck on the 'u'. Then I covered it with the new SU fine glitter, and then I sat there and looked at it. Then I set it aside and tried to ignore it. Two days later, as I was trying to make a birthday card for a friend of mine, I saw the glittered 'u' taunting me out of the corner of my eye, and I decided to try and use it. This is what came out:

Recipe (All products by Stampin' Up!): Stamps - Celebrate Everything; Paper - Soft Sky, Whisper White, Afternoon Tea DS paper; Ink - Choc Chip; Other - Sticky Letters, Choc Chip marker, paper piercer, Fine Cosmo glitter, Jumbo Eyelets, Groovy Guava double-stitched ribbon.

I think I got a little carried away. After I layered the two papers, I got the idea to do some faux stitches. Since the left side looked naked, I grabbed some Jumbo Eyelets and tied the Groovy Guava ribbon in them. Then I stopped so I could still lift the card. It is pretty fat.

So this is one of two cards my friend will be getting. I will also send her a funny one to try and keep her from dwelling on what might have been going through my mind when I was making this one. Some days it's just not worth chewing through the restraints, ya know?


  1. you are so funny, i love the story of how the card came to be! :)

  2. OMgosh... you keep me in stitches :)


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