Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Spot The Mistake" - Round 2

I must really be slipping lately. I just found a blatant mistake in Monday's post. Drat - I hate when that happens! And if there's one, there's bound to be more! So let's do this again, okay?

To enter this contest, just go to Monday's post, find the mistake, and respond to THIS post by Friday, March 21st, 6:00 pm EDT. Between now and then I will make up some lame method for picking a winner, and I will also come up with something from my stash to give away, which sadly really shouldn't be much of a problem.

And let's all hope this does not become a monthly event!


  1. I really enjoyed reading the post - you are too funny! The error(s): recepticle and verticle :-) The O'Dark Thirty doesn't count since it isn't, nor was meant to be, a real word anyway. I'm pretty sure there are no apostrophes in 60s or 70s but we won't mention that. Nice card, btw, I really like it!

  2. great story, and all the wonderful moments you had are awesome! I've been meaning to bring my coffee mug home for awhile too but I know I'll never remember without my trusty method of writing it on my hand :) As for the error, the only one I saw (reading pre-coffee mind you) is the spelling of "verticle"

  3. "through cleaning" should be thorough cleaning

    "recepticle" should be receptacle

    "So you see, the fact that I actually remembered to bring back my coffee mug today was really a BIG DEAL" i think it should be "wasn't a big deal"

    "verticle" should be vertical

    it has made me slightly uneasy, correcting a stranger's grammar and spelling...good thing i didn't become a school teacher, huh?

    also, love your domestic moment...i'm married with 2 kids and i do dishes Just Like you LOL

  4. Love your post. I wish I could remember that much about my day. Spelling and grammer are not my strong points, but I think ecepticle and verticle are the mistakes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I found "through cleaning" which should be "thorough" and also receptacle and vertical. But you don't really want us to look for mistakes... just enjoy all your creativity. :0)


  6. Hello
    All I saw was "through cleaning", "verticle" and "recepticle." Although I must say I didn't even notice at first read. I don't think most people who read are looking at those things!

  7. You know I just love reading your posts !! You make me happy for my somewhat sane life :))

    I enjoying reading about your adventures however you spell it, say it, read it!!

    One persons Slang, could be another persons Proper English :) LOL

    But I do love Blog Candy ! So, here are a few things I see but would never, ever point out! :) Unless, of course, I have been asked to find them . :o)

    recepticle -receptical

    Duuh---DOH (DUH)

    through ---thorough

    And, now I must go find a clean coffee cup!

    Disclaimer... Please ignore any and/or all typos! I've not yet had my coffee !! LOL


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