Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Glimpse Into My Crafty World

Today I bring you a repeat, since, once again, I have stamped nothing. NOTHING! But I am preparing for my Stamp Camps, so I thought I'd talk about that, partly because I don't want you to think I've fallen off the earth, and partly because I've done it to myself, again. Yes, I am my own worst enemy.

Remember this card?

It's CASEd right out of the catalog, with a minor modification, and is one of the four cards The Ladies will make and I thought I'd show you how I dug my hole, once again.

Here is my Mis En Place, just like every month:

We have 4 cards, all the supplies needed to make them, and the card stock I've cut for each of them. The next step for me is to do the collating thing, one of each of everything goes into a pile and into a bag.

Let's look closely at this card:

We have three pieces that need the Big Shot: the white piece, the leaf, and the blue strip. There is no way I can set up space to have The Ladies do all three of these pieces themselves without at least one (and probably more) head exploding. So in a Good Demo moment, I decided to cut the white pieces for them. I also die-cut the green leaves, but left them in the card stock for them to punch out on their own.

Here's the bunny card pile of parts-is-parts:

Once I assembled all the kits, I realized I still had no place to set up the Big Shot, so I had two choices. (1) Have The Ladies traipse into the Captain's Quarters and use the Big Shot in its home, or (2) make them myself. I chose option (2):

... and since I'd already assembled the kits, the embossed pieces are now sitting at the station. Now all The Ladies need to do is stamp and emboss the bunny and assemble the card. I am so good at making work for myself, I think I deserve an award, or something.

Speaking of the Captain's Quarters, I have reached a milestone. Yes, I am officially unable to work at my Captain's Table, which may account for my non-craftiness this past week. Let's take a look. Oh, if you are a neatnik, or a non-stamper who knows no stampers, please just look away.

Yes, this is bad, even in my world. Let's do the numbers:

(1) The Avalanch. To the left is my usual pile of stuff that took an unfortunate tumble the other night, but I tried to persevere and continue on my creative path.
(2) The Work Space. It is now so small, I cannot even fit a card on my paper... it's hanging over the edge of the table.
(3) The UFO Pile. My pile of started but stalled project attempts, and my endless source of inspiration. LOTS of crafty goodness in there.

But it doesn't stop there. Oh, NO, for I AM A PROFESSIONAL, and it all overfloweth onto the floor:

You can see several stamp sets piled up here. This is really just another staging area, because none of this will fit onto the table.

Behind the stack of stamps to the left is a canvas waste basket with only card stock scraps in it. I am a major recycler, and since I generate so much s-crap, it's only right that I separate as I go.

But wait, there's more! In the name of full disclosure, let's look at the floor to the right side of the table:

Here we have my smaller paper trimmer, my ATG, my SU markers, and a miscellaneous punch I'm playing with (with which I am playing). Behind that, from left to right: a bag of stuff from Mike's, my non-card-stock trash receptacle, and a box that holds most of my recent acquisitions, yet untouched, because, well, where exactly would I use them? So they sit there, in what I call another staging area, for a future date.

There you have it: my full reveal of the mess that is my stampin' area. My work here is done.

In other news, I have joined and have started looking for music to share with the world. I have a very eclectic collection of music, a lot of it by artists most people would not recognize. I experimented last week with importing a CD into iTunes, and it was crazy-easy, so I'm well on the road to filling up my iPod, but this thing lets me play music while I'm on my laptop, without getting off the couch. Sweet.

So while I've been working on that, and not stamping, I have been fighting with Koshka for lap space. She sees the laptop and insists on being between the keyboard and me, which makes typing difficult. Plus, I blew about 4 pounds of cat hair out of my keyboard the other day. Some of my Tweeps find it difficult to believe, but my cat listens to me. She does! I tell her to stay back, and after 6 or 8 times, she gets disgusted with me and ends up doing what I wanted her to do in the first place. In this case, she lays next to me on the couch instead of on top of me. See?

Yes, she is giving me a cold shoulder, or a cold butt, but she gets to 'touch' me and sleep and my typing doesn't bug her because she is not laying across my wrists so my every movement jiggles her bones. I say it's a win-win!

After two full sessions tomorrow, then the Day Job on Monday followed by my third of three sessions Monday night, I hope to come up for air on Tuesday. Once I visit and hopefully survive the Montgomery County, MD, Finance Office to dispute my late fees, I hope to get inky! After I clear some space on the Captain's Table, that is.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Two things. I don't have to look at the photos of your workspace to see a mess - I can see that in own studio!

    Verona, or Princess Pees-a-Lot, as I like to call her, listens to me too! She comes when I call her, etc. which I do frequently just to amaze Steve. She won't give Steve even a skewed glance, but boy, she loves me.

  2. you are right. i am a h'amateur. i stand chastened & rebuked. :)

    in fairness, since i work in the communal LR, i "clean-up" each which i mean...stack everything on one end of the couch, which is when/where i took my pic; and none of my tools were photo'ed, even. mid-working this is much more like me...complete with the occasional "scrap-alanche" (as jeff calls it) where everything tumbles off the flat surfaces to enrich my chiropractor with trip-based emergency visits. :)

  3. Your mess is not overly impressive, I have to say. Looks like a regular day in my quilting corner.
    On the other hand, Happy Birthday, Alan Rickman, I adore you, and I know of your birthday thanks to Leslie's blog.

  4. lol - these pictures look SO familiar!!! I think a good old mess is condusive to creativity, so don't sweat it! (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!)

  5. LOVE this card. What a fantastic layout, so fresh and sweet. And the view of your space--it ROCKs. I would be right at home there (though I am a messier stampy beastie for sure!) Perfect that Koshka listens, even if you get the cold "butt" hehehe.


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