Monday, February 1, 2010

A Little White Space

This card is NOT what I set out to make this evening. Well, part of it is, but the end result is not. You see, I am in CASE mode for my February Stamp Camps, and I am desperately trying to make something new and different to keep things interesting. I always like to shake it up a bit for The Ladies. :-)

What I intended to do was make a version of this card, and I guess I pretty much did. See:

I also saw this card today and knew instantly I needed to try it. I thought I'd start with the first one, use a dandelion stamp, then add some Flower Soft to it to make it my own. I know, I cannot use Flower Soft for a Stampin' Up! Stamp Camp, and I'm not even sure if I have a(n) SU dandelion stamp, but if it came out really, really cool, I could sell it, then come back to my Stamp Camp project.

Let's just say that I need to work on that whole Flower Soft thing, and anyway, I failed with the dandelion stamp I have, so I tried the Upsy Daisy stamp set, and I liked it in silhouette, so no Flower Soft. Maybe next time. It's still out on the Captain's Table, so you know I'll get back to it before I put it away. Tonight just wasn't the right time, I guess.

For the card I DID make, I used baby wipes with a drop or two of a reinker and swiped it across a piece of glossy card stock (different wipe for each color). The three colors I used were Crushed Curry, Dusty Durango, and Cameo Coral in the middle to kind of blend the two together. I was actually looking for my So Saffron, but the Cameo Coral jumped out at me, so who was I to argue? I kinda like it!

As an added bonus, this will use up a ton of my baby wipe collection, since I've switched to using the Stampin' Scrub for cleaning stamps. Yeah, I do have a few Good Demo moments.

The daisy image is stamped in black StazOn, and I used regular Classic Basic Black for the sentiment. This will keep the two inks from getting mixed up, too. I hope. Or maybe it will cause general confusion - a staple at most of my Stamp Camps. But I also picked up some Valentime's Day chocolates, so they won't have much fight left in them. (I KID! Oh, not about the chocolate, but about the fight part. They'll still let me know what they really think.) Something else I like about this stamp set is that it has three sentiments in it, so The Ladies can choose which one they'd like to use.

The glossy panel is popped up on 8 Dimensionals. Good thing I stocked up on those with my last Demo order. ;-)

Because I have issues with white space, I did all that stampin' on a white panel that I put onto a white card base, just for some added interest. I think the whole thing looks sleek and clean. And no ribbon!

The cool thing with this card, as the CASEee demonstrated in the original, is you can mix up the colors to suit your mood or the occasion. I thought these looked more solemn or calm, where blues or pinks might be cheery.

Speaking of cheery, in other news, look what has arrived:

Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy! The crowd goes wild! It's Girl Scout Cookie time! I have the freezer all cleared out so these will should might last me a while. If you have not stolen a frozen Thin Mint from the freezer, you have not lived, my friend! :-)

And it came with this super cute card:

... and a bazillion HEB plastic grocery bags. THE BEST packing material ever! Especially for those of us who no longer grocery shop, and need the plastic bags for cleaning out the kitty litter box. (Thanks, Lisa!)

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the card!!!! You would never know you had issues with white space!!

    Lisa's card is awesome too!!


  2. Very nice! Funny, since I draw all the time, but I never had the patience for stamping. I have tons of stamps, too. Hmmm...

  3. Love this card!! I love spectrums on cards and you did a great job making your background for your image panel. Nicely done!


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