Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Distress Ink Homework

More Creative Chemistry 101 homework ... I'm still trying to get the hang of the whole Distress Ink blending thing. My bloggy and tweety pal Lisa of PaperGrace Designs even went so far as to make a video showing how she blends. She totally has this skill, and I do not, but I'm trying. I'm also challenged with the Wrinkle-free Distress technique, as my samples keep looking like mud. Fortunately, some of my other pals are taking the same class and having some of the same challenges, so at least I'm not alone! One classmate posted about her challenges with card stock and has some really great observations. Sometimes it's not YOU. The teacher always makes things look so easy, though, huh? ;/

So I went in again today and tried the Wrinkle-free Distress technique, and this is what I made with it:

I used lighter colors than my last attempts, and I also used less water, as I think - at least in my world - it works better for me. The rub-on is from Bo Bunny, the black lace is from SU, the black bling is from my stash, and the sentiment is Clear & Simple Grunge. And yes, that is a pink layer, but I dirtied it up with Distress ink, so it's okay ... no need to panic. It's only there because the rub-on was too big to fit with just the blue layer. Uh-huh.

I also tried the Blending thing again with the Spritz & Flick (I may snicker every time I hear or type that now and forever), but haven't made it into a card yet:

I think it's a tiny bit improved over my last 12 attempts.

Last, I did a card for the watercolor technique, which is the Distress ink version of coloring on your stamp and spritzing it with water before stamping to give a watercolor appearance. Here's mine:

I inked the bottom of the stamp in a green, the top with a blue, then went around the edges of the image with (I think) Persimmon and just touched the tips of the flowers. Spritz & stamp.

You can see some detail here:

It's actually not (too) out-of-focus - the stamped image is blurry because the water makes the ink schmear. Kinda neat. :)

It's now taken me all weekend to do Day 2's homework. I'll eventually get to the rest of the assignments once my goodies arrive nest week. And tomorrow (Monday) is the first day of Week 2. I think we learn how to use our Distress markers. :)

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  1. These are all very pretty. Call me crazy but I liked your original bold colors a little more though!! Sorry, don't hit me. And btw thanks for the link to the classmate with observations - good stuff. I need to go read the forums eventually!!

  2. These are so pretty! Love the soft colors, but I liked the others, too. I also think you REALLY have the hang of this. Awesome job!!!! :)

  3. These are all gorgeous Leslie! I love my distress inks and need to use them more often!

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  5. I really like your distressed look. I love the black bird one. But I love black birds anyway. :)
    I like your other little birdie from a couple posts ago, too!

  6. ooooooooooooooooooooh! i am SOOOOOO diggin' the results of your TH class "homeworks" they all look pretty FAB to me... sheesh... just imagine what you will make when you are AN EXPERT at these things, eh??!?!?! lookout TIM! your job is in PERIL!!!!!!!! hehehehehehe! ♥♥♥


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