Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Velveteen - I tried

Last week on Twitter, the Hero Arts account asked if we stampers had had chance to play with Shari's Velveteen Stamping technique. Um, no. So I watched the video.

In a nutshell, she stamped a background in pigment white ink and let it dry. (I also think she has the patience of a saint. Just sayin'.) Then later she stamped a bold image over the white-on-white background and some of the white showed through, giving it a velveteen look.

I needed to try this. So amid the VSN flurry of activity this past weekend, I took time out to stamp a few (okay, like SIX) background images in Color Box Frosted White onto some A Muse Studio Sugar card stock, and I let it dry for a few days. Then I went back and stamped. And stamped. I used all six of those backgrounds, and only two are somewhat presentable. And no, I didn't get the look I wanted, but it's still kinda cool.

Here's the first card:

 I tried a pale color for my stamping, hoping the velveteen thing would happen. This is the best I got:

If you look very closely, you can see the lace background stamp I used for my white-on-white, but it didn't show through the blue ink at all. :(

For my next attempt, I used darker colors:

 Okay, not a LOT darker, but still ... and:

Not happenin' for me. HOWEVER, I still like the look, so I'm still going to use this white-on-white thing as a cool background, but obviously I need more training. So if any of you try it and succeed, please come let me know the secret, k? I thank you.

In other news, I might be addicted to Chia seed tapioca made with vanilla almond milk. Here's the recipe I followed, but for the second batch I left out the cinnamon. I also used less milk, because I like it thick. I'm on my third batch, and I'm now out of almond milk. The world might end. I'm also intrigued by this recipe, so once I re-stock the almond milk, I'll give that a try. nom nom nom

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  1. Ok you're inspiring me, maybe I'll go stamp some backgrounds tonight to play with later. I love your cards, but I can see why you don't think the technique worked right, or enough. Hmm. Don't see how you could have done anything differently!

    Also - I am totally trying this chia tapioca!!!

  2. I don't get the whole velveteen thing - I didn't think those on Shari's site looked like velveteen at all. Just me, maybe. I like your cards, whether or not they look velveteen-ish.


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