Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making A CASE Your Own

I've discussed here before that I don't ever really CASE a card 100%; I always change something to make it my own. Most of the time that's because I don't have the same materials - card stock, dies, stamps, whatever; but it's MORE because I feel I have to change it. I HAVE to.

To show you want I mean ... this week I saw two cards that sent me into CASE mode. First is this one from JoanB. It sent me off in search of a flower die-cut I could use. I REALLY wanted to get my paws on that Silhouette cut file, and I eventually found it, but not until after I'd finished my card. I even spent a few hours trying to draw my own in Silhouette Studio! In the end, I used a die from poppystamps and made this:

Not bad, not bad. The letters are from my MFT alphabet die set. I love the font!   There was still something that bugged me about this, and I realized it was the horizontal black strip ... it's wider than the letters, so it's "off". Of course, I needed a re-do:

Much better! And brighter! O-O For this one I used tiny black buttons in the flower centers.

I called it done.

Next was this card from Wendy W. Yeah, it was a green week. Here's my version, then I have a sob story for you:

I switched out the green she used for some Pool Party. This was crazy-easy to make and genius on Wendy's part. Ready for my sob story? Notice the ribbon I used? See how it's NOT black with white dots? That is because in my V A S T collection of every color ribbon but the one I need, I do not own a black ribbon with white dots. I KNOW!  So I thought I'd show you. :)

Here is my box of Every Color Neutral Ribbon But The One I Need:

I pulled out everything that looked like black with white dots:

From left to right:
- too skinny
- taffeta
- taffeta
- grey

Then I spotted this:

Nope - brown.

And oh, look - two whites with black spots:

But No. Black. With. White. Spots. Sigh. I called it a night and went to bed.

So this morning I convinced myself I needed to go to Mike's to fix this problem. I even showered before 9 am! Then I talked myself out of it, because I don't need no stinkin' black ribbon with white spots. I CAN BE DIFFERENT! So I layered a scrap of white taffeta dotted ribbon over a piece of black satin:

It's different, and I like it! :) You can also see my sentiment is different. I used (FOR THE FIRST TIME) my Four Frames set and used my Stamp-A-Ma-Jig to line up the sentiment. I punched the flowers from Pool Party.

I kinda like my versions of both of these cards. :)

Oh, and mark your calendars for next weekend: the March VSN weekend over on Splitcoast is Friday and Saturday, March 9th and 10th! I'm hosting one of the challenges, so be sure to stop by and play!

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  1. I saw that same card of Joan's and I really like what you did with it. I also like your different choice of ribbon on the 2nd card. It is amazing how much ribbon I have, too, and never have the right color, width, or texture for whatever card I happen to be making at the time. How is that possible???

  2. i love all of them - the cards you cased and your versions thereof.

    love the dies you used on the Hello cards too. hmm, hear that? it was the wantmonster waking up. damn you ;)

  3. Your cards are beautiful! I especially love the hello cards. They are stunning. And yes, I love the first one you created with the wide strip! Thanks for sharing!


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