Saturday, January 19, 2013


I don't follow many sports, including cycling, but several of my friends do, so this past week has been a difficult one for them. I mentioned to one of my tweeps, Libby, that I had an unintended bike theme in my condo's decor, and I promised to share once I was home in the daylight so I could take some half-way decent photos.

First is this print:

Back story: There used to be a most-excellent rib joint in my town, and their walls were adorned with framed prints by G Rodo Boulanger. I knew I needed one, so I haunted all the print places in the mall (this was before the Interwebz were in every Living Room) until I found this one. I think I would have purchased any of them, but this one spoke to me. It hangs over my couch, and yes, all my walls are that taupey tan color.

Next, I found this at one of the Sugarloaf Craft Shows that come through here several times a year:

The artist was a metal artist, and he had a grouping of five bikes, a group of trees, and a few other things. I asked him if he could make a three-bike grouping instead of five since I didn't have a wall that big, and he did. It's a little bent up from how it was shipped, but I'm okay with that. It used to hang on my Dining Room wall, but then I painted that wall striped and the bikes didn't work there any more. It's in a hallway now.

Last, I have this number:

Another Sugarloaf purchase. It holds a few ornaments I've made over the years, and sometimes I remember to dust it.

So there you have my unintended bike theme decor. And for all you cycling fans, I hope your sport can survive the bad press and you find new heroes to worship. As for me, I'll be stamping.

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  1. Love it! Especially love that middle piece - very cool!

    And I've decided not to worship athletes anymore. But I will still cheer. :-)


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