Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scandinavian Christmas

The current challenge over at Jingle Belles is Scandinavian Christmas, and they gave us this photo as inspiration:

I went in search of red & white paper. Anything red & white. I am lacking in red & white.  I found some tiny checked paper, but ... meh, not quite right. I have some red & white houndstooth washi sheets, but no, not right either. I do have the red & white felt snow flakes that Stef used, but that wasn't my idea, so no.

I ended up with a piece of flocked SU DSP which is red & white and very tactile, if you know what I mean, and made this:

That paper is so busy you really need to let it stand on its own, and I'm not going to complain. I love paper that does all the work! :)

I embossed the A Muse Studio sentiment with ancient PSX Platinum EP onto some SU Shimmer White card stock. It was still boring, so I opened and used my relatively new-to-me Li'l Inkers bow die on some more Shimmer White card stock. It's very tiny. There may be as much Glossy Accents holding it together as there is weight to the card stock itself. It's so easy to put together, though, I see myself using it again.

For this card, I took an extra step to add some color to the center of the bow and anchored it to the paper with some ancient skinny ribbon in the wrong color red. I cut a teeny tiny slit behind the bow and fed both ends of the ribbon through it, then slipped the bow under the loop and pulled the ribbon tight, then taped down the ends of the ribbon on the back of the paper. Once the card was assembled I added a drop of Glossy Accents under each end of the bottom layer of the bow to secure it and keep it from moving. It's not going anywhere.

Here it is up close and personal:

Aaaaand, you can see what I just noticed: embossing powder scatter!!!! Why can't I remember to use the powder tool first?! Sigh. Please just look away.

Wow, that's a lot of blathering for sticking a piece of flocked paper onto a card base. I think I need to cut back on the coffee.

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  1. What a lucky find to lay your hands on that SU flocked paper. It was perfect. Don't worry about EP scatter because the powder doesn't totally eliminate it. Ask me how I know.....😧

  2. I HATE when photos pick up those itty bitty things you miss IRL. Bah! This is GORGEOUS - love the paper, and that teeny bow is precious!

  3. Oh, this is PERFECT! Love it, Leslie :)

  4. scatter, schmatter! this is one KNOCKOUT of a card, perfect for the prompt and just brilliant all-round. and YEAH, that paper sooooo totally rocks whilst also doin' all the heavy liftin'. sort of the daniel craig of xmas supplies, lol... can i get a little extra on the "tactile" hubba hubba?!?!?! ;) (LOVE this, seriously, soooo dramatic and kinda C&S at the same time!) ♥

  5. I pretty much just call scatter and *embellishment* and leave it be ... no one's looking that close anyway ... they'll be too busy feeling that gorgeous tactile paper ... and that bow is just to stinkin' cute ... adorable holiday card ... so very glad you're drinking that coffee & joining us at jingle belles.


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