Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bobra Meets Squirrels

While crafting today, I looked up to see two squirrels foraging in the window well. It's at eye level to me since I live in a lower-level condo and the front is half under ground. My cabinets are under the window, so Bobra likes to sit and look out at the neighbors' bird feeders and snap his teef at the birds.

Here's his normal perch:

He can see just over the metal rim, so he's constantly entertained. And entertainING. When he sees movement at the feeders he glances left:

A subtle difference, until you hear and see the clicking of teef. :)

When there are squirrels in his window well, he goes a little nuts. Then when they leave the window well, it gets even more fun. Today I learned cats can climb windows. Observe:

First step is to streeeetch as tall as you can:

 then begin to climb:

Sizzix dies make a mighty fine step for a cat.  Next, grab the top of the window and ...

UPSIES!!!! Please ignore the dirt on that window. The blinds are usually down and it didn't get cleaned today. I don't think it bothered Bobra.

He slid back down and then tried the other side:

I have the windows locked, just in case he thinks he might learn to open them, but I have to say this was pretty funny to watch. He's napping off the stress and exertion now.

I'm going back to try stamping again. I may have to clean that other window first, though. I blame the cat.

Thanks for stopping by for this little kitty interlude!


  1. A very determined little kitty!! LOL! Cute as can be.

  2. Too funny! Love that last pic -Ha! How does he not knock everything over on your desk?!

  3. Too funny! That is one determined kitty! Ours would do the same thing. They like to sit on my crate of yarn which gives them a perfect view of my bird feeders. Your kitty certainly does stretch!

  4. Boy, he sure looks like he has fit right in. Telling the squirells "to get lost, this is my place" ha ha ha ha TFS Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  5. Too funny! I love to watch my cat, his name is GooFee because he is so funny!

  6. He's a very creative kitty. That's why I love cats, they are always doing something interesting. Just this morning I woke up to shredded toilet paper on the bathroom floor - Sheldon trying his hand/paw at abstract art again. Damn cat. Why do they snap their teeth at birds and things, does anyone know?

  7. omg your cat's name is bobra?! love!


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