Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SOS #86 - Ribbon

It's Tuesday, and time for another Shopping Our Stash challenge. This week we ask you to use your oldest ribbon on a card.

Ribbon? Oh yeah, baby, I have ribbon. I used to use it on almost every card, but I've cut way back lately. I guess my style has morphed. But I still have my Boxes of Every Color But The One I Need:

The box on the top right is my Miscellaneous box, mostly WHAT WAS I THINKING ribbons that don't fit one of the plain color categories. I decided this challenge was the perfect opportunity to pull out a few, and these are The Chosen Ones:

I decided to use the three polka dotted ones, and make three cards. I used this old sketch from Retro Sketches:

and made these:

The nice thing about the three cards is all I changed was the ribbon, which has me thinking I could disappear the three rolls of ribbon and make OWH cards since the cards are pretty flat. Here's the orange one:

 and the green one:

The brown heart was cut from felt, another collection in my craft room. I also opened and used my new-to-me Lifestyle Crafts embossing folders. I love that pattern.

The brown rectangle shapes were cut from my remnant box, and I'm almost out of brown. Yay!

Now it's YOUR turn. Go into your stash and dig out some of your oldest ribbon. Then use it on a card and come back to Shopping Our Stash to link us up so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used:
Miscellaneous ribbon
Hero Arts Essential Messages (SSS|EH)
Spellbinders Labels Seventeen
Spellbinders Circles
Lifestyle Crafts Zig Zag embossing folders (SSS|EH)
Memento Rich Cocoa ink (SSS|EH)
Corner Chomper 1/4" & 1/2" (SSS | EH)
Tombow Mono Multi glue (SSS|EH)
Fiskars paper trimmer (SSS | EH)
Neenah Solar White card stock 25 sheets (SSS | EH) ream (SSS | EH)


  1. Do you know, right now I feel really good about the amount of ribbon I own ;) I'm sure that wasn't your intent, but I'm thankful anyhow!
    I really love this layout - perfect for the wide ribbon! and that embossing folder is awesome!

  2. Love those cards! I have so much ribbon, it's embarrassing. I don't use ribbon as much as I used to but I really do need to use it up!

  3. well, ok, yeah, there's quite a bit of ribbon there, but it's SOOOOOOOOO beautifully organized one cannot help but admire that!!! and i mean, it even looks pretty IN THE BOXES which is more than one can say for... oh... paper towels and windex and other things "normal" ppl stock up on!!! (at least so i've heard. it's not like *I* would know what normal ppl do, lol, is it??!!!) then when one looks at the ♥3♥ gorgeous cards you've made with said (alleged) "what was i thinking" ribbons the whole "what was i thinking" argument kind of doesn't stand up. not at all. so THERE!!!! (love these, missus... times 3!!!!) ♥♥♥

  4. Leslie - 3 cards!! Wow! You rock! I love that ribbon....I would have bought them for sure! And I laughed out loud when I saw how much ribbon you have! Looks like my fabric collection ;) Great job! Dig out the ribbon more often cuz you're good with it!

  5. Fabby cards! I love the colors!

  6. I feel better now. You have more ribbon than I do! I am drooling over the goldfish and flamingos.


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