Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crafty Packaging Mini-Rant

As I opened and spilled yet another package of crafty goodness, I thought I'd take a moment to extend a plea to the packagers of said products to please consider a more viable alternative.

I just acquired a few packages of wooden embellishments. I don't mean to call out any one company, because several of them do this; these photos are only to serve as one example.

This is a package of wooden stars:

LOTS of pieces in here. But the problem is what to do with them once you've opened the package.  In my experience, taping or stapling the original package to keep the remaining bits from leaking out is a mess waiting to happen. 

I now immediately open the packages and dump the contents into one of my collection of empty SU embellishment containers:

 See? All nicely contained.  And since I have more than one *ahem*, I have stacked them here:

During one of my re-org efforts I emptied a full storage caddy, so I'm down to two now. If I ever empty out enough slots, I'll be able to put these in one of the caddies. I like having them where I can see them. None of that stuff got used much when it was in a drawer.

Now, back to the original packaging ... How about at least a re-sealable package? Some embellishments come in packaging that has a cover on the plastic part so it can be re-closed (if that's a word). Or maybe include a small zip-top bag? Or heck, make it a plastic container to start with and put the cardboard inside the package. I know it's plastic, but I have to use other containers once I open yours anyway, so sell me yours.

Meanwhile I'll keep using my SU containers.

So what do you guys do with packaging like this? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. I do the same thing you do, put them in a container I already have and recycle the original packaging. It would be nice if they packaged them in a zip top bag and just attached the logo, etc. to the top with some staples. A lot less waste, and less aggravation for us, too.

  2. I haven't bought anything quite like what you posted, but I keep my brads in embroidery floss boxes sorted by color and shape rather than store them in the original containers. Companies surely feel pressure to limit packaging so they can reduce costs and maximize profit, so I can understand why we have to find our own solutions once we get home. I'd rather not pay more just so the package reseals.

  3. I'm ranting right along with you!! I'd even be willing to pay more to have reusable packaging. It's a real sore spot for me. HATE that kind of packing when you look at it and stare...NOW WHAT?!! I don't have those SU containers so they all go into Zip-loc baggies. Not ideal. :/

  4. I'd rather not pay extra either, to be honest. I have a set of drawers that I believe was originally intended for sorting screws/nails and the like. The drawers are about 1.5" by 6", and there are 48 of them in a unit that sits at the back of my desk. The drawers come all the way out, so it's really easy to pull them out & have a dig through. If stuff came in resealable containers, I'd feel like I *had* to use them, and then I'd be trying to find somewhere to PUT them.

  5. Oh, packaging! I could go on for days! I actually loath that I have to buy extra packaging to store products I've already paired money for. Let's talk stamp set packaging. If one uses the stamp more than a few times, the dang celephane rips. At one time I actually corner rounded the cardboard & the plastic the stamps came with just so I could get the stamps back in the celephane. I had enough of that & started buying zip lock bags. More money. And embellishment packaging. I dump mine out in a zip lock baggie but I try to keep the cardboard because I need to know what product in using when blogging or for DT. Now I have zip lock baggies coming out the yin-yang and it's not pretty. Rant over.

  6. OMG! yes!!!!!!!!!!! SC are the worst offenders, amy tangerine is close second. i basically do the same as you... FIND another small package (the teeny gladwares & those international coffee ones are good; yogurts USED TO have plastic lids but don't anymore, alas) and try to keep like things (ALL wooden shapes) together, but it would be SO NICE if everyone were SU or maya road and just put them in COOL containers that actually WORK!!!!


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