Saturday, March 28, 2015


One of the fun things about getting together with other crafty people is you get to play with their stuff. That sentence sounds really weird out of context, but you crafty people know of which I speak.

For example, there has been a recent craze over succulents ... cactus ... plants I can kill without even trying. I'm not a lover of succulents, and have no desire to own the stamp sets, but if they are here, I'll play! So I did.

Here's a card I made using the Hero Arts Succulents set:

I inked up the pot image and wiped off some of the ink from the back of the pot. I didn't want it showing through the succulent image later. Then I stamped the succulent image and just colored away to the best of my ability.

Next I played with one of the Simon Says Stamp succulent sets, and made this:

Along the way I also played with someone's Hero Arts Ombre ink pads, and I decided I actually liked my own ombre version better (it's a control thing), which I made using my MISTI. I've done a photo tutorial here about how I do this.  I used three colors of Hero Arts inks: Soft Pool, Pool, and Tide Pool.

This stamp set comes with both the solid and outline stamp images, so I took the opportunity to make two, and I outlined one of them so you can see the difference:

I may have stamped the second one a bit darker, but the outline really does make a very dramatic difference with the image!

Because I could, I die-cut four of the shapes and stacked them up, then put the colored one on top. With so little else on the card, I really like the dimension.

Wow, two cards and it's only two pm. This could be a productive day!

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  1. Fabulous colors on your succulents.

  2. I thought I was the only one that could kill cactus!!! HA! Love both of these Leslie! These I could probably keep alive.

  3. Very pretty! I think succulents are about the only plant I don't kill, but it's been a long time since I've had any so my memory could be a bit foggy. Your ombre looks fabulous - who needs new ink pads?

  4. So it started out as a productive day, did it stay that way? I hope so! Nothing like being crafty with crafty people! I can't keep succulents alive either. I really admired that stamp set though... but ultimately I just said no. Love your cards, laughed that you are a control freak and second the motion that the outlines were needed to make that non-cactus pop. Suck-u-lent, sorry. And not Succubus.

  5. i've killed two succulents in the last few months? HOW is that possible??!?!? in future i think i will stamp them instead, b/c these are sooooooo cool! (& presumably would remain so, even with me around?!) :0


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