Friday, January 4, 2008

A Little Shameless Commerce

If you listen to Car Talk on NPR, you have heard them refer to the Shameless Commerce section of their Web site. That's where you can go to buy stuff. Well, I just added a new post (with an old date) where I am now selling my non-SU stuff. Yep, the purge continues! One of these days I might even be able to widen the paths into my Craft Room!

First up are my had-to-have-but-never-or-rarely-used TAC sets. If you are interested, come on over to the Non-SU Stuff For Sale page and check them out!


I'd love to hear what you really think! :-)

PS: I've had to disable Anonymous comments, because the spammers were killing me. If you are unable to comment, please email me your comment and I'll get it posted for you. Sorry. (stoopid spammers)