Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Challenge

Earlier today, my bloggy pal and tweep Lydia (aka: Understand Blue) was issued a challenge over on SplitCoast to create a card for Leap Day. The challenge was to use something that leaps. :) She asked us to play along, and I had an idea... but was trapped - TRAPPED, I TELL YOU - by the pesky Day Job.

When I finally arrived home, I was greeted by Happy Mail - my green Faber Castell Gelatos arrived! And they went perfectly with my original idea, so into The Captain's Quarters I went.

I wanted to play with a few other techniques using the Gelatos that have so far failed me.  This time I scribbled them onto some SU Very Vanilla card stock:

Then misted them and blended the colors with the brush that comes with the Gelato set:

Then I stamped my image:

I likey! Then I realized the images were too close together to die-cut them. I decided I liked the colors on the left better, so I went with those and re-did the coloring/misting/schmearing/stamping. In fact, I liked it so much I re-did it FOUR MORE TIMES until I got it right. ;/ Here is the final one:

Then, since the mess was still out, I tried coloring a glittery Thicker. here's the tool set I used:

 Water (in an old Flower Soft container), brush, Acrylic block, and Gelato pen/marker. I colored the Gelato onto the acrylic block, smeared it around with a wet brush, then painted it onto a glitter test letter:

It's pretty cool! I also colored the Gelato right onto the letter and wet it, and it looked the same, but was a lot messier. Then I decided against the green glitter letter idea for this card, and went with a stamped sentiment instead. Here's my finished Leaping Frog card:

 Yes, I think that bling was a stoopid idea. Too late. And another close-up of our green friend:

I'm off to post this to my Splitcoast gallery. You should come play! Use keyword SCSFBLY2012 if you do!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooh, that technique is calling to me. Guess I'll just have to invest in those yummy gelatos. Lol. I think the bling looks great on the card. Very cutting edge these days. *smile*

  2. Hey I just realized that if you change the name of your blogpost to include "WOYWW", you could link into and let the world see your workspace today! *smile*

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  5. i'm intrigued by the gelatos, dammit. quit feeding the wantmonster, please & tyvm!

    and the card - CUTE. wish I could've played along in the challenge :(


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