Monday, December 23, 2013

Feeling Sassy

Yesterday I decided to dig through my box of purchased-but-not-yet-used items and make myself use something. What? Do NOT tell me you don't have a similar cache of goods. Mmm-hmmm.

I selected my MFT Pure Innocence Feeling Sassy stamp set and a 6x6 pack of Authentique Renew papers. I don't normally buy the PI stamps because they need to be colored, and I'm not a fan of coloring. I paper piece as much as I can, but you can't paper piece the faces. Well, you could, but that would just be weird.

This all started when I saw a pretty piece of dotted green paper and thought it would look cute for her dress. Then my day fell apart. Here's one of the cards, then I'll explain:

I started out following the current Paper Smooches sketch:

even though I wasn't using PS stamps. I know, I know, but I liked the sketch, so whatever. You can see the shapes I used sorta follow the sketch shapes, but I couldn't get the sketch to work with the PI image, so I abandoned it and just made up my own layout using what I had.

Here's another card:

I decided to make three of them to use three of the sentiments in the set.

And the third card:

You may or may not have noticed, but the leggings on these are all different. See:

[Please embiggen to see it better.]

They get progressively darker. Let me tell you my tale of coloring woe. The leggings started out as Copic Y11, which I thought I'd matched to that flowery background piece of paper, but once I put the layout together it was way too bright. I was NOT starting over, so I decided to layer color.

The first one got Y23 over the Y11. Better, but not great. The second one got Y26 over the Y11. Better, but still not dark enough. The last one got Y28 over Y11. I thought it would be too dark, but I kinda like that it doesn't jump out at you. It's also closest to the ribbon color.

Does this sound like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to anyone? Just me? Ooookay.

Between the layout challenges and coloring woes, I walked away from these for hours until I got what you see here. BUT, I used the stamps and papers, and they have been put away. :)

I think I need to get some snark on. Yeah, maybe that's what I need. That shall be today's project.

Thanks for stopping by!

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