Saturday, December 7, 2013

Masculine Thanks

I needed a masculine Thank You card, one without poofy hearts and bling, ya know? I started with a design I CASEd from ... somewhere, and used papers from The Heaplet.  Naturally, the first paper I grabbed was a piece of Japanese paper, and not masculine at all, but I thought it would make a pretty card, so I went with it.

Here is the first one I made:

I know, ALL THAT WHITE SPACE! I'm a bit twitchy.

Since most Japanese paper I buy has gold running through it, I also did this one:

But I messed up and layered it on black instead of gold. Oops. And yeah, not masculine at all.

Next I made a few more with other Japanese paper:

This is actually dark dark dark brown, not black. And the gold version:

THIS one I matted with gold paper. Please note: I stopped paying attention and made the triangles a bit taller than the first ones. I like the shorter triangles better.

All the words were stamped in Memento Luxe black or brown (linked below) and embossed with clear embossing powder. I thought gold would have been pretty, but not enough contrast for my liking.

Here is a shot of the embossed sentiment:

THEN I got to a piece of masculine paper from The Heaplet and made this:

I was kinda happy these words fit. I mostly stamp without a net, and I got lucky here. They didn't fit on the other cards because of the wonky triangle sizes. And I wasn't even measuring, anyway.

In other news, it snowed! YAY! Winter has arrived! Here is my back yard this morning:

I love it.

Also, I'm making Alton Brown's Free Range Fruit Cake. If you've never tried it, or think you don't like fruit cake, you've never had this stuff. It would convert anyone.

Step one is to soak some dried fruit in rum to rehydrate it. Okay. Then you put that in a pot, liquid and all, add sugar, unfiltered apple juice and a stick of butter, then cook it down a bit. Can you say HELLO! Ice cream topping!!!! Just look at this stuff:

It took every fiber of my being to not eat this right out of the pot. I did eventually make the cake part and put it into the oven, and then I licked the bowl. Probably not the best idea at 11:00 am. I might be a bit woozy. Rum before noon ... yeah ...

That's it for now. I hope to get stampy again later.

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: vat of clear embossing powder, SU Early Espresso card stock, SU brushed gold card stock, misc Japanese paper, misc SU paper, SU Kraft card stock, Bazzill textured black card stock, and the following:


  1. I think you need a taste tester. Is there a parking lot where we can meet?

  2. Your cards are gorgeous. That fruit cake mixture would be awesome over ice cream, maybe with a little more rum added ;-).

  3. i like ALL the thank you's and actually think the first two are quite masculine, despite the flowers. they're unisex for sure. i'm actually NOT a fruitcake fan, but your rummy fruity saucy thing *IS* seriously even tempting me, so it must be pretty good!

    ps: it's snowing HERE today. like, a lot. like, i'm not goin' out in this a lot. luckily i have lots (& lots & lots!) (ugh!) to do around this place! xoxox


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