Friday, December 6, 2013

Neon Feathers

I'm still working through some of my recent acquisitions, forcing myself to use them so I can put them away. This round I chose my WPlus9 Fanciful Feathers stamps and dies. Here's the resulting card, then I'll explain:

It took me three days to make this. THREE DAYS. Stamping is HARD, people! Er, I mean difficult.

My card started with an idea I had to use the teeny tiny feathers from the set to make a border. That actually worked. Then I die-cut a bazillion of the feathers, then stamped and stamped until I got three of them mostly lined up. I gathered the three feathers in a cluster and moved them around for about 48 hours.

I struggled with a sentiment until I decided to use this one from the Simon Says Stamp For the Record set. Then the feather placement worked for me. I used black & white twine to offset the black ink I used for the sentiment. The pointy tail-ends of the feathers weren't long enough to cooperate with the bow, so I glued that sucker twine down, both back and front, with Glossy Accents. It's not going anywhere.

After I got the feathers situated, I decided the row of tiny stamped feathers looked disembodied, so I cut a narrow strip off of a wide piece of washi tape and added it under the row of tiny feathers. I think it helps to anchor them.

Last, I added some Neat & Tangled neon sequins, and a strip of card stock I colored with Hero Arts neon yellow ink.

In the end I think it's pretty busy, but not too bad.

Oh, two tips. One, washi tape is easy to cut, since you can just stick it to your paper trimmer like this:

Second, I have a problem with my sequins flying all over my table, then I find them all through the house, so I picked up this tiny scoop at The Container Store (I have no affiliation with them, I just love the place). I pour the sequins from the tiny bag into the scoop:

use what I want, then pour them back into the bag. I love this thing!

In other news, we are in the midst of our first real snowfall here in the Miami Valley. I love snow. It's like a damper, making it so peaceful and quiet outside. I'm also kinda happy a neighborhood kid stopped by and offered to shovel and salt my walk, driveway and sidewalk. I offered him hot chocolate, but he said he was okay. It's still snowing, so if he comes back I'll ask him again. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Products used: Neat & Tangled neon sequins (the variety pack is currently sold out,but the individual colors are available), misc washi tape, black & white Whisker Graphics Divine Twine, and the following:


  1. Stamping IS hard - and difficult, too. Normal people just don't understand what we put ourselves through to make a card for them. I think it turned out beautifully and I love the dancing feather border. Good tips about the washi tape and the adorable little scoop. It's a good thing I don't live near a Container Store, I'd fall in love and be even more broke than I am now.

  2. I was wondering how that card was coming! So glad it turned out great in the end. We don't have any container stores around here but I bought a cute divided compartment container at the dollar store last night to store my growing sequin collection. My evening is complete now that I have had my chuckle while reading your post. Thanks.

  3. Cutting washi! Now that is pure genius.


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