Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just checking in ...

I realized it has been a while since I've posted, so I thought I'd make a brief appearance today. I have created very little the past week or two - been too busy with classes...prep, execution and clean-up. I am NOT complaining, not at all! I love it when my classes are full and everyone has a good time learning they can create and learn new things! The sessions just cut into 'me' time, so I am just now getting back into the swing of things.

The past two weeks at the Market have been good. Last week it was a little too hot for me, but lots of people were out and about, so the market was well-trafficked. It is so nice with all the people and their dogs bustling about! Today was a glorious day - cool, sunny and windy. Or should I say gusty! We spent most of the day running around catching things that blew away! I finally gave up on my card spinner racks and put everything in boxes to save myself the trouble of chasing the cards. Good exercise, but not really my preferred way to spend a Saturday, ya know?

I bought more than my share of veggies, of course, so I have plans to bake and cook over the next few days. We'll see how that transpires. ;-) Bake + Veggies you may ask? Think Zucchini bread! The farmers all had a ton of the stuff!

Ah, and Krum's Mom, Jennifer, stopped by with an update. The little guy has turned into a real pistol around the house...he sounds like a lot of fun! Last week he had what was diagnosed as kitty lice, but a little bath with Dawn dishwashing liquid and all the lice died. I kid you not - I could not make that up!!! The first bath (with her son assisting) went so well that she tried a second one on her own. Krum was fine watching the little bowl in the sink fill up with water, but as soon as it looked like he was headed for it, he complained. A lot. After Jennifer showed us her scratched forearms, she commented that it might be time to clip his front claws again. But all is well, and her two other cats have accepted him into the fold.

This is all good news, since the Farmer who'd found him stowed away in her truck told us that she has seen Krum's Mom & Dad, but none of the other kittens. Ergo, Krum is one lucky fella! I like to think that Momma Cat put Krum into the truck hoping a big-hearted city girl would take pity on him, which is exactly what happened. We are all very happy!

I asked for an updated photo of Krum when she gets a chance, and she agreed. I will post it when it comes my way.

Now that I am coming down off the week of classes, I plan to spend the rest of the weekend and my evenings next week creating. I have many ideas filling my head, and at last I will get to try out some of them. I was going to do some more local shows this fall and winter (pre-Christmas), but today in the gusting wind I talked myself out of them. So all the plans for ornaments and holiday stocking-stuffers have fallen off of my to-do list. Bah, humbug? Nah! I just need to (1) make money this year so Uncle Sam thinks I am in this to make money, and (2) keep it fun! The thought of purchasing a tent and taking the time to set up and break down, rain or shine, did not sound like least not this year. Let's see if I can stay in the black and I will re-evaluate my options next year.

That means I may hold a few more classes or Stamp Camps as we get into November, which will let me make a sample of all my ideas to Demo, but not have to make more than one of anything since I have no plans to sell them. Sounds like a winning compromise to me!

I think now I'll go triage the veggies in the kitchen and strategize the cooking and baking. I look forward to a veggie- and creation-filled week!

And Happy New Year - 5768 - to any Jewish readers!

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